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Facebook Community Triage: Do’s & Do Not Do’s

Greetings, fellow Community Manager! How’s it hanging? Why the long face? Feeling beat up by the Facebook community you’ve built around your brand? Drowning in explosive comment threads that black-eye your business? Sore from the verbal spankings supposed “fans” have been serving up? Well, you’re in luck. This is the Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed, your ultimate resource […]


Cover Your Assets: How To Prepare For Social Community Meltdowns

Welcome back, you winsome, worldly, and, let’s face it… possibly war-torn Community Manager, to the ultimate resource made especially for the tougher times on the job: The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed. Last week, we tore open a box of Community Manager Puffs and dug deep for The Community Manager’s Dilemma Decoder Ring— a super useful tool for […]

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Conflict or Crisis? The Community Manager’s Dilemma Decoder Ring

Welcome, fellow community managers, to the first installment of aimClear’s tips for lowering blood pressure, keeping cool, and effectively engaging irate customers in cyberspace, also know as part one of The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed. We unveiled this series last week with a sympathetic yet motivating  20,000 foot glimpse at the utter crud conflicts some of […]


The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed

Deep online marketers are beautiful people. Especially when we don our community management hats. We’re graceful, witty, and resourceful. We’re likeable and calculating. We know that data-driven community management paves a smooth road for purposeful engagement, which in turn, makes us friends who matter– friends who turn into customers, maybe even brand evangelists, beacons of […]


Organic Online Community: If You Build It, Will They Come?

If You Build It, Will They Come?… that’s the question on the minds of many community managers. It was also the first of many topics discussed during the #BlueGlassFL Day 2 late morning session, The Power of the Community – Leveraging and Mobilizing Organic Online Communities. Say it’s built, and “they” come… once those community […]


Mayo Clinic & What Happens When a Facebook Wall Goes Terribly Wrong

A firestorm has erupted on the Mayo Clinic Facebook Fan Page wall. Whether the allegations against Mayo doctor Aivars Slucis, accusing him of being a racist are true, the spiteful rhetoric makes for one ugly fan page.

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Gain Loyal Brand Ambassadors: Tips from 1 Smart Cupcake

When attending industry events (in this case, #SES2010), folks sporting the “Press” badge may tell you that food is a coveted reward. Our proud mission is to churn out quality coverage in a timely manner, and it’s one we take quite seriously. Sacrifices must be made. Sometimes, that sacrifice is breakfast. Sometimes, lunch. So yes, […]

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7 Ways To Make More Social Media Friends Who Matter

aimClear’s demographic research product includes social media influencers from a number of channels ranking from Facebook and YouTube to forums.  We then challenge Community Managers to take these “friend leads” and convert them to organic friends over 3-5 days, at a “cost per friend lead” calculated from how much time the friend-conversion takes.  This post […]

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How to Build a Kick Ass Social Media Marketing Plan

B2B, B2C…B2 anything, every marketing department would love to somehow crack the social media code. Be it by content marketing, participation in Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, etc… invariably, the conversation turns to the same question: “What are we going to do and who’s going to actually execute on this every day […]

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