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Community Management Clinic! Celia Cohn Doing Outreach Right At #SMX

Sometimes it takes a grownup, in physical life, to remind us the basics of online community management. Celia Cohn was handling Ambassador duties at the front entrance of the Westin™ Kierland Resort, the official #SMX Social Scottsdale hotel. Her job is to greet guests in the hotel lobby, guide, engage and support. She greeted me […]


Mining Deep “Site:” Operator Search To Uncover Multilingual Social Threads

For years, the “Site:” search operator has provided a quick method to distill mainstream SERPs (search engine result pages) down to results from a single website or class of websites. The operator works for major international search engines including Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and others. Concatenate keywords to filter SERPs matriculated by both site and […]


Orkut Dissected: Social Networking in India & Brazil

During the summer of 2010, an interesting international client encouraged us to take a look beyond our borders and check out where Facebook was popular in other parts of the world. With Facebook’s 500 million (at the time) users easily eclipsing the total U.S. population, it was clear that the phenomenon was not limited to […]


How Social Marketers Can Survive the Boss’ Paranoid Micromanagement

From pharmaceutical mega-corporations, attorneys, and health care purveyors to insurance companies and universities, skittish B2C and B2B online marketing managers operating in regulated industries are still afraid to participate in social media. Other unregulated companies, led by old school PR-adverse managers, self-restrict to a ridiculous extent out of paranoia, misunderstanding or ignorance. Such are the […]


Sweet Scoop: aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive,#SMX Advanced

Well friends, it’s that time of year again. SMX Advanced is all set to take place in soggy lovely Seattle next week, June 7-8, and we’re just stoked. The aimClear team is heading westward to participate in this hallmark event– Lauren (yours truly) will be churning out live coverage (via @beebow) and full write-ups right […]


Pruning Facebook Pages: When to Remove Comments & Ban Fans

Welcome back, fellow Community Managers, to the ultimate resource made just for you during those… tougher times on the job: The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed. Armed with this electronic enchiridion, you’ll be ready to head full force into your Facebook community with a heightened level of eloquence, elegance, and confidence, not to mention healthy blood […]

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Community Manager Clubhouse Chitchat with SEOmoz’s @jennita

Jennifer Lopez. She might not have the most SEO-friendly full name, but she’s the coolest Jenny from the block as far as the search marketing industry is concerned. Known also by her byte-sized Twitter handle, @jennita, Jen is the Community Manager at SEOmoz, and a serious powerhouse in the realm of social media. I met Jen at […]


One Social Media Tactic Your Business Must Embrace

Is your business listening and responding appropriately to those who reach out? Last February our post, 6 Superb First Social Media Tactics For Business caught some buzz and conversation. We discussed the importance of listening and offering unconditional service to new friends and customers, when they obviously seek to engage The more I travel the […]

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Facebook Community Triage: Do’s & Do Not Do’s

Greetings, fellow Community Manager! How’s it hanging? Why the long face? Feeling beat up by the Facebook community you’ve built around your brand? Drowning in explosive comment threads that black-eye your business? Sore from the verbal spankings supposed “fans” have been serving up? Well, you’re in luck. This is the Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed, your ultimate resource […]