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Cross-Pollinating Social Media Viral Seeds

Cross-pollinating bookmarks between social communities you’re active in is rarely discussed and can be an effective technique. It’s especially powerful when using redirects to track outgoing traffic from social bookmarks to the actual posts you are promoting, a modus operandi we’ll discuss later in this post. Bill Hartzer visited cross-pollination in his post, “Claim Your […]

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PR Power Blogging Zen, the 7 Classic Nodes

Ask an experienced public relations guru to explain his or her profession’s fundamental aim and you’ll likely receive some variation of the following lecture: “PR is media relations, investor relations, community relations, customer relations, internal relations, human interest, and crises management.” PR Has Been Important Since the Dawn of Time. No doubt cave people intentionally […]

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FlyingRose Launches PPC Blog For Thinkers

Well known writer Rose Sylvia (aka has started ppcThink, a new blog which promises to be an authority online publication focused on “Cutting Edge Internet Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Profits.” You may also know her work as long time moderator of Search Engine Forums PPC forum. Zero to Sixty in Three Seconds Rose […]

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Technorati Meat & Potatoes Every Blogger Should Know

The power of your website to propel keywords to top rankings is measured by multiple on and off-page factor, especially inbound links. Technorati makes it easy to spy on another sites’ blog-link-portfolio making it a killer research tool for aspiring link builders.

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SES Speaker Blogs Part 1: Posts from the Epicenter of Search

Search Engine Strategies is a legacy event created by masters. One walk through the San Jose convention center second floor concourse past the Wireless Lounge makes it easy to comprehend the magnitude of what’s happening here. This week San Jose is the epicenter of search marketing. To really understand what Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, and […]


Zen of the Fanatical Business Blogger

Committed to blogging means to TOTALLY do it, No Matter What. Average content doesn’t count. If you’re a new business-blogger and you’re considering (or committed to) aggressive business blogging to gain respect as an author, then be prepared to work hard.

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Strange Bedfellows, MS Word + WordPress

Microsoft Word and WordPress make strange bedfellows at first gape. However our clients have increased productivity significantly by speeding up the blogging process with clever use of MS Word (Office 2003 and 2007). Anyone who has ever tried to paste formatted text from Word to WordPress and observed the awful results is probably wondering exactly […]

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SEO Makes you Wicked Humble.

Our clients are awesome. The products they sell, services they offer, and charismatic vision-personalities at the marketing table amaze me. A number of of aimClear’s clients could easily commit to and become accomplished SEMs in their own right. We’re grateful they hire us to be their SEM research eyes and ears. We love the KPIs […]

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Drive 28,402 Extra Visitors by Blogging for 48 Minutes.

There’s not much debate about it. Predictable recurrent content is the new SEO. Call it a blog, blog powered online media room, press release, or a post to a content management system which is plugged-into-the-grid by pingbacks, trackbacks, and tags. Creating compelling content, of value to your readers, on a set schedule yields wonderful rewards. […]

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