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Blog Optimization, Post Title SEO & Deadeye Targeting


Using blogs for SEO is a strategic linchpin of many a marketers’ content tactics. Composing optimized headlines to title posts that are catchy, research driven and relevant to readers, is a classic search engine optimization mission.   This post offers two blogging SEO case studies, for constructing posts titles. Blog post headlines are key on many… Read More

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Why We Reserve the Right to Truncate Your Irrelevant, Whiny Comment


Here at aimClear, we’re proud of our in-house authors. Like many publications we also open our pages as a community platform to host guest bloggers. Sometimes guest posts are written by industry professionals whose practices are perceived by some as controversial. Wait. Let’s stop right there. “Controversial.” That word can carry a negative connotation, one… Read More

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Master Bloggers Share Inside Tips for Success


photo credit: idovermani After an invigorating keynote speech from Charlene Li I hit the ground running. “SEO Through Blogs and Feeds” was moderated by Joshua Palau, of Razorfish and included a brilliant panel of  industry-blogger thought-leaders:


Twitter & Blog Etiquette: SES Experts Let it Rip!


Just because you have 20,000+ followers doesn’t mean your Twitter feed is successful. Rebecca Lieb, Li Evans and Jennifer Slegg- the lovely and intelligent panel of SES San Jose’s “Extreme Makeover: Live Twitter & Blogging Clinic” session took audience volunteers’ Twitter and blogs and ever so kindly tore them to shreds. Warning: bad Twitter practices… Read More

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noFollow noWorries: An SEO Linking Update


photo credit  (just fragmented link-juice by 2 links to do the right thing): Mykl Roventine The most important news to come out of  ‘Advanced 2009 is Google’s blurt-of-a-revelation that they removed the algorithmic benefit from internal page rank sculpting, “about a year ago.” The change also affects how Google handles noFollowed outbound links. Boiled down,… Read More

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