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Twitter & Blog Etiquette: SES Experts Let it Rip!

Just because you have 20,000+ followers doesn’t mean your Twitter feed is successful. Rebecca Lieb, Li Evans and Jennifer Slegg– the lovely and intelligent panel of SES San Jose’s “Extreme Makeover: Live Twitter & Blogging Clinic” session took audience volunteers’ Twitter and blogs and ever so kindly tore them to shreds. Warning: bad Twitter practices […]


noFollow noWorries: An SEO Linking Update

photo credit  (just fragmented link-juice by 2 links to do the right thing): Mykl Roventine The most important news to come out of  ‘Advanced 2009 is Google’s blurt-of-a-revelation that they removed the algorithmic benefit from internal page rank sculpting, “about a year ago.” The change also affects how Google handles noFollowed outbound links. Boiled down, […]

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Twitter is to Testing Social, What PPC is to SEO

The social Internet is about conversations that propagate virulently and index at various speeds.  Twitter, the fastest feed community of all,  can be easily leveraged to “proof” marketing concepts for slower social channels the same way SEOs use PPC (pay per click) to prove organic landing pages. Read on for a tactical starting point to […]

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Thinking Outside Sites: Branding Without Borders

The ever increasing popularity of social media sites YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook  reveal the necessity for brands to  connect with their customers in these arenas. This SearchEngineStrategies New York session will touch on  advanced tips for increasing online brand awareness & brand equity protection in a shaky economy.


7 Productivity Hacks My Pretty MacBook Won’t Do

Unlike most blog posts, I’m truly hopeful that (a) selected good Samaritan Mac evangelists will chime in to explain why I’m completely wrong. (b) Apple and software manufacturers will take this input and fix some baffling ticks.

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PubCon: Post BBS Pioneers Take Over the World

They don’t talk about butterflies, candy ass theories and granola bars here. You get the impression that these used-to-be geeks are delightfully modest, after systematically bringing the known marketing-universe to its knees over the last 10 years. Having sprung forth from IRC, NewsGroups, Pine, BBSs and nightly modem buzz–PubCon is all about science, social […]

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Splogs, Copyright Infringement, Sphinn Power and the Trademark Productions Smackdown

A “splog” is a spam blog which might scrape or otherwise rip off content from other blogs. There are a myriad of motivations which drive unscrupulous publishers to steal content or create garbage posts: Organic prominence and AdSense revenue are classic spoils for plagiarizing.  Gaining false credentials to dupe unsuspecting clients is another. No matter […]

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SEW/Blog Turns On Comment-Threads!

Storied search marketing publication SearchEngineWatch/blog has turned on their comment-threads. Yay! I was proofing my post just now and noticed the new feature for the first time.

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Arrogance & Writing in Self-Center Person

First day on the job as CBS Affiliate Creative Director, General Manager & friend Terry Hurly offered advice which has served well for 15 years. “Marty, when you send memos, do interviews, or otherwise deal with media or your employees, give OTHERS credit-sometimes even if you did it.” He continued, use the words “us,” “we,” […]

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