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R.I.P. AdAge Power 150: Why We Don’t Believe Any More

One of the coolest marketing blog measurements on earth has been degraded in our opinion. The AdAge Power 150 has been reworked in response to the loss of PostRank as a key component. Recently purchased by Google, PostRank shut down their API service. Collective Intellect, another key API used in the Power 150 formula, shuttered […]

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Business Blog Marketing Plan: Rocking the Contract!

Whether the online marketing assignment is for a multinational company program or niche small business campaign, over the last five years RSS feed marketing by blog and associated content strategies have become essential SEO tactics.  Now more than ever it’s easy to see why. Without authority social users rebroadcasting links to a website’s content, the […]

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Think Outside The Blog: Tasty Tips For Feed SEO

As with many facets of technology, when it comes to SEO, the times they are (always) a-changin’. What was once advised by mostly technical means, search engine optimization has evolved to be noticeably impacted by more social elements, for example, blogs. Generating fresh content and comprehensive feed syndication are killer ways to help enhance your […]

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Blog Optimization, Post Title SEO & Deadeye Targeting

Using blogs for SEO is a strategic linchpin of many a marketers’ content tactics. Composing optimized headlines to title posts that are catchy, research driven and relevant to readers, is a classic search engine optimization mission.   This post offers two blogging SEO case studies, for constructing posts titles. Blog post headlines are key on many […]

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Why We Reserve the Right to Truncate Your Irrelevant, Whiny Comment

Here at aimClear, we’re proud of our in-house authors. Like many publications we also open our pages as a community platform to host guest bloggers. Sometimes guest posts are written by industry professionals whose practices are perceived by some as controversial. Wait. Let’s stop right there. “Controversial.” That word can carry a negative connotation, one […]

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Master Bloggers Share Inside Tips for Success

photo credit: idovermani After an invigorating keynote speech from Charlene Li I hit the ground running. “SEO Through Blogs and Feeds” was moderated by Joshua Palau, of Razorfish and included a brilliant panel of  industry-blogger thought-leaders:

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