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Pin The Tail On The User With Big Data at #SESCHI!


Welcome back to aimClear’s continuing coverage from SES Chicago! Day 2 may have been bleak outside with a bit of rain and wind, but the fire continues to burn brightly in the minds of marketers here at the conference. We attended Big Data Uncovered: How to Gather, Analyze, & React to New Customer Behavior, moderated by… Read More

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Bookmark It! Handy #Facebook Partner Categories Visual Guide


Reason number 87 we love Facebook’s Power Editor: It’s the source to access the latest, greatest targeting options… Facebook Partner Categories! The release and excitement of Facebook’s Partner Category targeting, Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon, has been widely covered. Here, we’re laying out the new Facebook targeting visually because: 1) It’s been requested, and 2) Seeing the… Read More

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Facebook Partner Categories: Wrangle Up Some Deadeye Targeting Segments, Y’all! (+7 Must-Read Posts)


As you may have heard, the next big thing from Facebook is being rolled out before our very eyes. It’s called Partner Categories. SMBs everywhere are holding their breath, crossing their fingers, clutching their lucky rabbit’s foot charms close to their hearts in anticipation of this new advertising tool. The word around the watering hole… Read More

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Inbound PR: Pulling Media Mind Share With Content & Big Data


Over the last few years, social ads and retargeting have taken the online marketing world by storm. These technologies can be leveraged in fantastic ways to service KPIs traditionally associated with public relations. This is not to minimize the importance of awesome content and organic outreach. However, paid amplification of terrific content is an important… Read More

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