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Offline ROI: Track, Measure, Evaluate & Quantify

It’s an age old issue. You know that your online is driving off-line sales – But how do you measure? Search Online, Purchase Off-line at Day 2 SES San Jose offered two case studies to help marketers better understand ways to tackle this important issue.


Web 2.0 Analytics: Ask Questions & DO Something!

How does one define “success” online in 2008? Tons of traffic? Tremendous revenue? An inbox full of customer leads? This Search Engine Strategies San Jose panel offered attendees various methods to measure “success,” and highlighted which metrics are important, which aren’t and how to make websites better to serve business objectives. Moderator Richard Zwicky is […]

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Webcast: Using Real-Time Analytics to Enhance Content & Function

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 – 1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PD), aimClear had the pleasure of participating in a Search Marketing Now live Webcast, “Monetizing Social Search: Using Real-Time Analytics & Behavioral Tracking to Enhance Content & Function.” The on-demand link is located in the comment’s thread of this post.

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aimClear Expands to Historic Duluth Site

[Now moved to the Paulucci Building 7/1/09]  Originally the Duluth Public Library, The Carnegie Building is monumental in it’s grand neo-classic design and venerable Presence on the Duluth, MN skyline. Constructed in 1901 & 1902, after a generous gift to the city by Andrew Carnegie, the 5 story high 40′ diameter rotunda has been meticulously […]

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Preview Organic Landing Page Conversion with PPC Tests.

Organic landing page conversion measuring is a time tested after-deployment technique which, though highly effective, can take days, weeks, or months to fully tune. As optimized pages gradually rise in the SERPs, conversion is measured and pages modified to achieve better conversion ratios. However we’d rather definitively test and tweak landing page concepts to focus […]

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SES Speaker Profile: A Conversation with Avinash on Analytics

Avinash Kaushik is an author, blogger, and respected analytics evangelist. With over 7000 inbound links from other bloggers his web analytics blog, Occam’s Razor, is on many a serious SEMs’ blogroll. Avinash recently published his new book Web Analytics: An Hour A Day. Avinash speaks here at SES San Jose Thursday @ 9AM on the […]


20 Totally Free Web Analytics Learning Resources

Sometimes when  new search marketing clients realize the awesome power of modern analytics they ask us for guidance regarding learning resources. With a little hunting you can find useful (and totally free) blog-resource reading materials. Here’s a list of Analytics blogs whose feeds we’ve bookmarked. A Universe to Discover This is just a starting point […]

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WordPress Exclusion List for Analytics

Lot’s of our favorite blogs use WordPress. This very useful little list of URL exclusions is used to exclude non-marketing WordPress traffic from analytics reports, whatever package you use. For those uninitiated readers (future-analytics-warriors): by default modern analytics packages exclude requests for graphics and robots. (Remember the difference between hits and unique visitors 🙂 ). […]

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Web Analytic Pilots from Hell-7 Maddening Site Mistakes

We treat every analytics installation as a pilot, especially ecommerce apps’ which span a marketing domain and secure ecommerce sub-domain (or third party ecommerce domain server we don’t control). It’s in this analytics pilot process that we sometimes encounter site structures and applications SO nasty that they’re hilarious/depressing SEM sitcoms. Point blank: some web 1.0 […]

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