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Thom Craver Satisfies Your #Analytics Cravings: An Interview


With seventeen years of industry experience under his belt, it’s an understatement to say Thom Craver knows what’s up with the World Wide Webz. Currently working as Web and Database specialist for the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology, Thom’s responsible for all Web and social presences. From client consulting to guest lecturing at… Read More

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An Optimizer’s Guide To Facebook Ads Performance Reports


Facebook Ads, “Advertising Performance Reports” are the primary analytics marketers use to optimize FB Ads campaigns and create reports. Over the last few weeks, and through the May 25th UI update, our aimClear team thoroughly researched available optimization metrics,  what they mean, where they appear, and at what access points they are editable live in… Read More

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The Ancient Geek History of Web Analytics


The types of marketing conversations that dominated #SESNY 2011 demonstrated a turning-point of analytic maturity for the industry. From the complexities (to some, futility) of attribution modeling, to the advertising implications of Do Not Track legislation, to borderline existential discussions of user intent & behavior, it’s easy to forget just how far our interpretation of… Read More

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How to Build a KPI Tracking Dashboard Using Woopra


More analytics mavens are becoming aware of Woopra, a relatively inexpensive software package, available on the web and as a desktop application.  Woopra is best known for its gorgeous daily dashboard (pictured above) and extremely useful real-time analytics features (below).  For this post, we’ll use the desktop application. What’s less known are Woopra’s killer KPI… Read More

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Analytics Study: Organic Conversion, Algorithm Updates


* Sigh * As long as I can remember, spring and summer have been the time for (but not limited to) barbecues, swimming and the effects of semi-surprise search algorithm updates on our clients. Recently, we’ve seen Google tinker under the hood, announcing the Mayday and (long advertised) Caffeine algorithm changes. Yahoo has been making… Read More