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<3, aimClear Honored to be Named a 2014 Top Company to Work For in Minnesota


Last week, Minnesota Business Magazine named aimClear one of the Top 100 Companies to Work For in Minnesota.  In June, they will determine a winner, but I am here to say, in my mind, we have already won. What does it mean to be a top 100 company?  Honestly, the tread-desk, the cool work atmosphere,… Read More

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PDX, San Jose, Sydney, Reykjavík, NYC, Oh My! aimClear’s Q1 Speaking Odyssey


Wow! It must be that miraculous time of year again. Throngs of leaping aimClearians have hit the road to share from conference podiums. Merry Morud, Manny Rivas, Megan Rivas and I will fly 81,720 miles* over the next 37 days, to speak at online marketing conferences all over the world.   Our  schedule for the next 5 weeks… Read More

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Sharing aimClear’s 2013 Wellness Challenge! Nurturing The Total Team Member


2013 marked an auspicious year in all aspects of our vaunted agency’s health. Professionally, we had the privilege of speaking at, keynoting, and attending many respected conferences all around the world. aimClear made Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row, and our founder, Marty Weintraub even won US Search Personality of Year!☺ We’ve… Read More

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Get A Better PR Job: aimClear Is Hiring!


Being a member of the PR team at aimClear means taking what you have applied in your traditional public relations role and amping it up into the world of psychographic social distribution.  Are you the type of professional that likes to redefine the box you’re outside of, the type who likes to work in social… Read More

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Elevator Pitch! 44 Tips For The Succinctly Definitive Entrepreneur


aimClear is thrilled to be in Washington, D.C. to attend the Inc. 500/5000 conference again. Each year some of the fastest growing business players, successful entrepreneurs, headline-making trendsetters, and out-of-the-box innovators come together for three days of community and confluence. We’re picking up the Inc. hardware again, capping another fantastic 3-year period of growth.  Inc.… Read More

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