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The Ultimate Local Ad Agency 2010 Fiscal Model?

credit: zenobia_joy In yesterday’s post, guest blogger and CEO of, Dennis Yu, tackled some important concepts of the local ad firm- specifically the fact that it is sure to kick the bucket in 2010 if industry professionals don’t take proactive steps as soon as possible. Part two of this story will address changes the […]

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Full Heat Press! PPC Best Practices in 4 Weeks

By design, in-house and advertising agency clients can successfully take over day to day account basics after working with us to pilot, heal or massively improve missing, average or terribly broken PPC. Agencies & businesses just need reliable support (and intensive training) to fix existing accounts themselves. We’ve witnessed success in as little as 4 […]


A Practical Guide to Performance Based Pricing

photo credit: Diego Cupolo In these risky financial times, some marketing executives who purchase SEO, PPC and Social services are exploring alternative business models for engaging and incenting vendors. One attractive option for mitigating financial risk and maximizing return, has always been pay-per-performance. So how does performance pricing fit in today’s brave new world of […]


Advertising Agency to Branded Thought Leader

aimClear is approached by traditional advertising agencies, often with rich history and too-often in stagnation or slight decline, seeking advice for growing online reputation as experts. Whether marketing regionally or nationally, it’s seriously powerful stuff to be perceived as an expert.

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Short Term Contracts Ease Recession Jitters & Inspire Client Confidence

Like most SEM shops, our business is an amalgamation of flat rate products and hourly work. It’s generally been our focus to procure longer contracts, usually 6 month to 1-year agreements. We thought it prudent to evolve our model in preemptive reaction to these brutal economic times.  Little did we know the unexpected gems of […]

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