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The #PPC Magic Kingdom: Keys To Constructing Thematic Campaigns


Building a paid search campaign is by no means a simple process. There are a lot of moving parts within ad platforms themselves. If you tack on business objectives, goals, and needs, it’s easy for your organizational process get muddied quickly.  This post outlines methodology for building campaigns using major themes in a business’s product or service… Read More

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10 Kevlar #PPC Analyses & Processes For A Bulletproof Account


Establishing clear-cut process is the underpinning of any successful PPC program. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Ronco Rotisserie, to “set it and forget it” would be to get oneself burned. Regular performance sweeps and optimizations are necessary to ensure positive directional account health. Business objectives vary within and across industry verticals giving way… Read More

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Advanced Google AdWords Domination! The Brad Geddes #SMX Social Interview


At SMX Social the week before last, we had the good fortune of attending Certified Knowledge’s AdWords Advanced Training Workshop at the Aria Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Conducted by Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge and author of Advanced Google AdWords, the workshop is a wellspring of fundamentals and ultramodern tips… Read More

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