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Viewable Impressions = Ad Industry Game Changer at #SESNY


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2012! “Are my customers’ eyes even seeing my ad?” That’s the question many digital marketers are starting to ask their agencies and publishers of their hefty-priced digital ads. Viewable impression is taking the industry be storm and making strides in making media accountable. On Day 2 of Search… Read More

SES New York

How to Boost A Social Strategy On A Bite-Sized Budget: Tips from #SESNY


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2012! Though quite satiated from lunch, a room full of hungry marketers looking to dominate the social space on a bucks to the bottom-line budget eagerly awaited the teachings of the powerhouse marketing panelists up on stage. Jennifer Evans Cario, President of SugarSpun Marketing,  John Shehata, Executive Director of Search &… Read More

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