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Herding Scaredy Cats: B2C Search Strategy-2009


Moderator Andrew Goodman welcomed everyone to the sounds of classic rock (Boston) and quickly got any corporate and personal plugs out of the way. He set the tone for the session by asking the audience : How gloomy should we be? What are the real numbers beyond economic statistics? Where are we headed in 2009 and beyond?

Consumer Behavior

Welcome to PPC Boot Camp with Matt and Mona


[This post is our continuining coverage of SES Chicago 2008] Proper execution of the basic, proven and successful models is necessary for success in any business endeavor. Search Marketing is no different. After spending the past 3 days listening to excellent people extol us to further develop and exceed current practices and performances, it was… Read More

Paid Marketing

Human Internet Psyche, Bill Tancer & Kevin Ryan


The “We are what we Click: a Conversation With Bill Tancer” session at SES Chicago offered a vital discussion to shed intelligent and practical light into human Internet psyche, through the eyes of two seasoned Search Marketers. Speakers Bill Tancer (General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise, Author of the book “Click”) and Kevin Ryan (SES Advisory… Read More


Advertisers, Agencies & Automation Oh My!


Moderator Greg Jarboe (President & Co-founder, SEO-PR) opened the session by asking the audience “Who on our panel is the Lion, the Tiger or the Bear…oh my?”  All Wizard of Oz references aside, there appears to be no clearly defined Yellow brick road to success in these tight economic times.

Agencies  /  Conversion

Lead a Horse To Water: The State of Integration


The Distinguished SearchEngineStrategies Chicago “Orion panel” chose to tackle one of the big questions at the top of almost every serious advertiser’s list. “What is the best way to approach “Integrated” marketing strategies in the current economic environments and beyond?” Today’s moderator was Kevin Ryan, SES Advisory Board Chair & CEO Motivity Marketing. The panel wasted no… Read More