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New aimClear Office: Location, Location, Location


photo credit: pmarkham All good things get better! aimClear has exited  those architecturally picturesque halls of Duluth’s historic Carnegie Building and “moved on up” to  loft-style grandeur, third floor corner suite offices in the iconic Paulucci Building.  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve relocated to Duluth’s famed Canal Park.  This space doubles the ol’ dig’s… Read More

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“Massage” PPC With “Not So Clear-Cut Methods”


This last session for SES NY, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Black Hat PPC Tactics” was chalk full of ideas (nudge, wink) not to use. After surveying the room for Google representatives in the room, the panel of PPC experts launched into presentations outlining gray and black hat tactics for PPC.  Are these great… Read More

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8 Best Practices For Serious SEM Marketing Plans


This is my last session at SES NY today and it’s a winner.  “Wpromote Workshop: 8 Things You Aren’t Doing That Will Boost Your SEM Results” was a WOW.   Follow the advice if you want results. There was a little bit of everything for the throngs of professionals flocking to our industry and old pros… Read More

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In Social Media – Size Really Does Not Matter


With the plethora of social media platforms available, small businesses can acquire loyal customers, gain valuable insight and boost business by getting involved. Small companies with smaller budgets can still benefit by freely tapping into the world of social media. SES NY Day Two session,  “Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy”,… Read More

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Will “Google” Still Be a Common Verb in 5 Years


Periodic, if not constant, change in search marketing is a certainty. Proof positive is that “Google” didn’t even exist 10 years ago and is accepted in the vernacular as a verb (“She “Googled” this or that”). The growing use of online media provide new avenues for searchers. Watch for the changes, and always ask yourself,… Read More