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Merry Morud

After receiving a full-contact, crash-course in nearly everything online marketing she found her sweet-spot in Facebook marketing and deep, dense psychographic targeting. Merry describes her enthusiasm for online marketing as a love of the innovation, pace, and creativity potential. “The industry moves so fast, it’s impossible to get bored.”


New! Facebook Ads Begins To Roll Out Inter-Account Copy Functionality & More…


Perhaps it’s an early holiday present. Perhaps it’s a consolation prize for the alleged impending end of the world. Either way, we’re always tickled pink when social platforms gift us with seriously useful features. There is a new feature available in the Facebook Ads Manager (rolled out to select accounts) that’s got us pretty excited. Now,… Read More

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Look Out, San Francisco! Here Come #SES & aimClear!


#SES awaits you in San Francisco! In less than three short weeks, Search Engine Strategies San Francisco kicks off and we, at aimClear, are looking forward to soaking up some serious wisdom, dishing out knowledge nuggets for attendees, producing some sensational session coverage (a la live-tweets and full blog posts), chopping it up with old… Read More

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aimClear’s Roadmap for Facebook Ads: Building A Better Channel Together


Being a Facebook Ads marketer is like having a love/hate relationship with a miracle. aimClear has been killing Facebook Ads since 2007, just days after the emergent DIY channel was launched. That December our Hail Mary Facebook Ads campaign literally saved a client’s Christmas. The rest is history. We love FB ads and believe the… Read More

Facebook Advertising

Targeting Facebook Users By Mobile Devices Used


Facebook’s Broad Category targeting is serious- seriously cool! The things you can target (for example, expecting parents) are ridiculously deadeye. Broad category targeting is also seriously powerful (for example, folks who have children in certain age brackets). Now, unbeknownst to all, advertisers can even target users based on the type of mobile device they use to access Facebook… We… Read More

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Facebook Targeting Alert! Gaming the Grid with Power Editor? OMG, RLY?!


Newsflash!(?) Facebook either introduced some seriously radical targeting features to Power Editor or Power Editor is being a bit wonky. We’re hoping for the former, because with this new targeting feature (?) marketers can now target Precise Interests AND Broad Categories. At the SAME TIME.

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