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Merry Morud

After receiving a full-contact, crash-course in nearly everything online marketing she found her sweet-spot in Facebook marketing and deep, dense psychographic targeting. Merry describes her enthusiasm for online marketing as a love of the innovation, pace, and creativity potential. “The industry moves so fast, it’s impossible to get bored.”


HUGE Facebook Category Targeting Expansion – Occupation Targeting, Travel, Tech & More!


Holy $&*)! Facebook advertisers, take a seat! (Yes, even you skeptical B2B marketers.) Facebook Category targeting just took serious leaps and bounds forward in terms of native category targeting. Scroll on to see Facebook’s latest (huge!) category targeting update laid out visually. We were first tipped off when we noticed the Broad Categories box looks… Read More

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Facebook Philosophies & Best Practices, Part I: Account Structure


Welcome to the first installment of aimClear’s Facebook Philosophies and Best Practices Guide. In these posts we’ll outline Facebook Ads best practices from account structure and psychographic targeting to ad creation and ad management. Our goal is to offer essential thinking in bite size chunks. In this first post we’re highlighting how to best set… Read More

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10 Things We Hate About LinkedIn Ads! And Workaround Solutions


It’s expected: ad platforms, in their infancy, often start very rudimentary and then evolve to something beautiful, powerful, and easier to use. The time has come for LinkedIn ads to grow up and rise to the (often simple!) expectations of online advertisers. For years we’ve used LinkedIn ads and put up with the infuriating platform… Read More

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Bookmark It! Handy #Facebook Partner Categories Visual Guide


Reason number 87 we love Facebook’s Power Editor: It’s the source to access the latest, greatest targeting options… Facebook Partner Categories! The release and excitement of Facebook’s Partner Category targeting, Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon, has been widely covered. Here, we’re laying out the new Facebook targeting visually because: 1) It’s been requested, and 2) Seeing the… Read More

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How To Scale Facebook Ads With Power Editor


Often, we’re asked if Facebook ads are truly scalable, across many targeting segment, with a LOT of ads, and what tools we use. The answer is: YES! and spawning massive amounts of ads is possible with the use of Facebook’s Power Editor, which is similar in concept to Google’s Adwords Editor. Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide… Read More

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