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Sharing aimClear’s 2013 Wellness Challenge! Nurturing The Total Team Member


2013 marked an auspicious year in all aspects of our vaunted agency’s health. Professionally, we had the privilege of speaking at, keynoting, and attending many respected conferences all around the world. aimClear made Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row, and our founder, Marty Weintraub even won US Search Personality of Year!☺ We’ve… Read More

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Atone For Your Email Sins: 11 Quick Tips To Edify & Enlighten From #SESSF


Welcome back to aimClear blog for our final piece of coverage from SES San Francisco 2013! It’s been quite a ride this year, and we’ve just got one question left: How do you ensure delivery, drive double-digit conversion, and engage your consumer across multiple channels? Those desperate for answers congregated to Deliver, Engage, Transact: 11 Absolutes… Read More

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Bringing Sexy Back To Your Content Strategy: Actionable Tips From #SESSF Day Two


Welcome back to aimClear’s continuing coverage of #SESSF 2013! After a stimulating day-two keynote with Patrick Thomas and surprise guest, Matt Cutts, talking tough calls on content this morning, it was a seamless transition for those who stuck around for Driving Value from Earned Media through Quality Content. Read on for actionable tips and best… Read More

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YouTube vs. Instagram vs. Vine! Mastering Video Platforms at #SESSF


Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of SES San Francisco! As we continue with coverage of Day 1 here in San Fran, we gained quite the scoop as this session drew the crowd together for Secrets of Mobile Video: YouTube & Instagram & Vine, Oh My! Saddle up, and prepare yourself for some beefy mobile video takeaways.… Read More

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How To Pitch & Win Conference Speaking Gigs: An Insider’s Guide

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Each month I get a number of cold-call inquiries, seeking advice and back-channel connections to help them get speaking gigs. I take each one seriously because in 2007 I recall seeking the very same sort of  input. Bill Hartzer, already an experienced online marketing conference speaker, told me to simply to pitch, that it’s a… Read More

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