Matt Peterson

Creativity is Matt’s MO, and something he brings to work daily as an Online Marketing Account Manager at aimClear, a Minnesota-based online marketing agency. Although proficient in just about every discipline of online marketing, Matt’s areas of expertise are technical SEO diagnosis and reputation monitoring. Matt currently serves as the AdWords and Facebook advertising account representative, and handles online reputation and crisis management for several major brands. A leader in aimClear-led studies, his research and writing have been cited in publications such as Search Engine Land, CNET, Search Engine Journal, and Techipedia.

Super Ultimate Link Power Part 1: Search Engine Reps

The undeniable significance of linking within the black box algorithm of the major Search Engines has been the subject of at least half the chatter and controversy in the search marketing world. Remarkable research efforts, branching theories, and “under the hood” tools have sprung from the pure need to demystify the role of links in […]


New Adwords UI, Happy SEMs & Awkward Clapping

A hallmark of the Search Engine Strategies conferences has been the  “first look” and stage demoing of bleeding edge search marketing tools before they go live and eventually change the world. Rather than the unveiling of a brand new tool performing functions we didn’t know we needed, the search marketing community at SESNY 09 received […]


Global Site Launch? Don’t Bite the Wax Tadpole!

Don’t be fooled by an easy solution. While rapid global flattening has consolidated both language and currency,  there exists serious need for cross-cultural awareness among search marketers to stay relevant and foster success when launching a site across multiple geographic locations. It’s often unwise and even culturally disrespectful to “copy and paste” campaigns successful in […]


The Imperative: Successful Site Architecture

It seems that lately, I’ve spent most of my time as an SEO delivering site audits and diagnoses. It never ceases to amaze me how small tweaks in removing duplicate content and internal link optimization can really snowball  the good work done across other classic SEO efforts. Needless to say, “The Imperative: Successful Site Archictecture” […]