Matt Peterson

Creativity is Matt’s MO, and something he brings to work daily as an Online Marketing Account Manager at aimClear, a Minnesota-based online marketing agency. Although proficient in just about every discipline of online marketing, Matt’s areas of expertise are technical SEO diagnosis and reputation monitoring. Matt currently serves as the AdWords and Facebook advertising account representative, and handles online reputation and crisis management for several major brands. A leader in aimClear-led studies, his research and writing have been cited in publications such as Search Engine Land, CNET, Search Engine Journal, and Techipedia.

Can 2010 SEOs Rescue Newspapers From Internets, Selves?

So here’s kinda what was going on with “news” at the end of 2009: the news stations and newspapers were dying continuing to have a difficult time adjusting to the fact that there is “an Internet.” Specifically, the fact that the Internet has reprogrammed consumers to expect get news updates by the second, streamed directly […]


You Can’t Make Money From Analytics

However, you can make money from your website when properly advised & optimized  by your web analytics, as Jim Sterne so correctly pointed out at SES Chicago 2009. Many of us have access to some sort of analytics for web properties we’re involved with, but how many of us really use the data effectively?  More […]

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Will You Blend? Take Advantage of Mixed Media SERPs

For better or for worse, mixed media or “blended” search results pages are probably here to stay. If you assume that raw authority is going to guarantee you a first page result  for a hot news story or push down a viral video that’s harmful to your brand, you should probably just quit now think […]


Is Everything You Know About SEO Wrong?

Do those old H1 tags still work? Actually word’s out, they don’t really count much anymore for SEO. Does quantity, power or diversity of inbound links take the hill for search engines ranking pages algorithmically for keywords? Actually, correlation data indicates that link diversity is a factor which has become more important. SEO Ranking Factors […]

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Is What’s Good For Google Good For SEO?

Let’s get this out of the way: Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s web spam team. He is perceived as a rock star in the industry and everywhere he goes he is a followed by a giddy horde of search marketers. SEO trends and techniques live and die by the words of the affable […]

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SMX Advanced [Holistic] Keyword Research

SEO’s cut their teeth in the keyword research process. The first few months of an SEO’s development is often spent in the “saltmines” researching and testing nearly endless variations of words and phrases in Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker and Google’s keyword tool. Are users searching for “trash cans” or “trash bins”?

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Paid Search & the Future of American Politics

Political Search: Preparing for Search in 2010 was the “sleeper” session at Search Engine Strategies New York 2009. Gathered together were the search marketing figures directly involved in shaping the American political landscape through the 2008 presidential election, primaries, U.S. senate races and D.C. advocacy groups. As a search marketer highly interested in politics, I […]


2009 Social Media Optimization: Back to Basics?

Social media has crept into nearly every aspect of SEO to where it’s now quite difficult to imagine them disentangled from eachother. Keyword research traditional to SEO is being used to advise every tag, tier, and title in brand social media efforts. Go ahead and find me an SEO who says “I don’t do social […]

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Super Ultimate Link Power Part 2: Search Marketers

Discover the Power of Linking: Link Building Basics session at SES NY covered a great deal of ground in representing both Search Engine and Search Marketer viewpoints on the subject of links. The second half of the session comprised of search marketers Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Debra Mastaler, and Peter Van der Graaf, which greatly contrasted […]

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