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Lindsay Schleisman


B2B Marketing: Red-Headed Step-Child of SEM World?


Throughout #SESCHI 2010, citations of search & social marketing case studies have run rampant. “Did you hear about the Old Spice campaign? How about Skittles!?” Um, yeah. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard of them, maybe even posted on their branded Facebook page or tweeted at their spokesperson… desperately begging for him… Read More


Why Content Creation 3-Ways Are 1 Smart, Sexy Strategy


The beginning of the end of Day 1 at #SESCHI 2010 found some marketers fidgeting in their final session rooms, anxious to get to the cocktail reception (free-drink tickets clutched tightly in clammy hands…). But it’s safe to say that those attending the “Delivering Great Content” panel were more anxious for the strategies sure to be… Read More


aimClear Blogging & Speaking Agenda: SES Chicago ’10


Fall is in the air and #SESChicago is around the corner. The much-anticipated Search Engine Strategies conference will be held next week in the Windy City, and aimClear couldn’t be more excited. From our team, Lauren, Alyssa and I (Lindsay) will be covering the event, and our own Marty Weintraub will take the stage to… Read More

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