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Lindsay Schleisman


Authorship Anxiety Solved! Author Snippet Tips & Tricks from #SMX Advanced


Authorship is hot, so it’s no surprise that SMX Advanced would devote an entire session to the topic. Billed as “Authorship: The Deep Dive,” the session did not disappoint. The speakers delivered the goods on what authorship is, why and how to implement it, and challenges along the path to implementation, including the perspective of… Read More

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Seattle Bound! #SMX Advanced Speaking & Blogging Agenda


ZOMG! SMX Advanced is next week? How did this happen!? Usually by this time, the snows have melted, the flowers have bloomed and we Minnesotans break out our sandals (for the 3 months of the year we can actually wear them without risking frostbite). Well here we are in early June, stuck in the 40s… Read More

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How to Spot an Old School PR Agency


aimClear has long embraced an online marketing model in which public relations is a core component. Among our staff of 22, 6 have deep experience in public relations. If the value PR brings to online marketing is not painfully obvious by now, you haven’t been paying attention. The opposite is also true. Online marketing tactics… Read More

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Pimp Those Clips: Using PR Coverage for Social Lead Gen


Make no mistake about it: coverage resulting from media-relations efforts is a point of pride. The public relations agency proudly presents the article to their client contacts in the marketing department, who share it with the c-suite, VPs, sales reps—anyone who’ll listen. They may purchase reprints to distribute to prospective customers, hang a matted copy… Read More

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Search Savvy: Top 6 Search Operators for Online PR Pros


It seems like there’s a tool for just about every public relations process now, particularly for those involving media relations. From media discovery to relationship management, and distribution to monitoring and reporting, we’re inundated with tools, tools and more tools. But let’s not forget the basics. Search engines can be a treasure trove of (free)… Read More