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Lauren Litwinka

Lauren Litwinka was an Online Marketing Account Manager and Publications Manager at aimClear, for approximately 4 years until July 2013.


Social Search Strategies That Scream! SRSLY Deep Brainchow from #SESNY


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2013! Search and social: any marketer worth her salt will tell you the two go together like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and Nutella, peanut butter and bananas… etcetera. Elements of one feed elements of the other in magical and rewarding ways– understanding, respecting, and embracing the… Read More

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So You Got A Rank-Spank… Expert Improvements Tips & Recovery Strategies From #SESNY


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2013! Alert! Alert! Sudden drop in site traffic! What’s the cause? An algorithm update – raging Panda, ruthless Penguin? Or is it a manual penalty, handed down by a human because something on your pages seemed fishy? It is absolutely essential to differentiate between the two, as your… Read More

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Next Gen Blueprint For Ultimate Site Architecture: Best Practices From #SESNY


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2013!  Yesterday’s keynote with Mike Proloux set quite a fascinating tone for much of the content shared here at this year’s New York conference event, namely: the increased use of multiple devices and social media’s impact on the experience in a big-picture sense. This theme continued throughout Day 1… Read More

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How A Killer Content Strategy Builds Quality Links, Au Naturale! #SESNY Tips


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2013! After a rousing keynote on the effect of social media on modern television, attendees hankering for some top-shelf tips on content marketing found themselves in the Empire room of the Marriott Marquis for a look at How to Earn Visibility & Links through Killer Content Strategy. Let’s break… Read More

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The Future Of Television: Exploring Marketing Opportunities with Social TV & Second Screen Apps at #SESNY


Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of #SESNY 2013! What an interesting way to kick off an digital marketing conference – a keynote all about television. Talk about coming full circle in the universe of technology and advertising platforms. Day 1 of SES New York found scores of attendees filling up one of several dazzling ballroom in the Marriott Marquis,… Read More

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