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White Elephant Alert! Why A CMS Is A Terrible Reason To Hire A Dev Shop


Recently, we sat down with an advertising agency to chat about business possibilities. As CTO at aimClear, my focus of the conversation naturally gravitated toward technology. I was intrigued to hear about a content management system (CMS) that was being deployed by their development shop. Our agency friends expressed much pleasure in the CMS but… Read More

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Exploring The Semantic Web: How Schema Impacts Today’s SERPs


Playing its part in the Semantic Web movement, schema is transforming the web by enhancing our search results and revolutionizing the way we find information online. The Semantic Web itself is a shift in web coding approach toward describing content by using code tags in a way that computer systems can understand and associate known… Read More

Schema  /  Web Development

Social Behind the Firewall @ info360: Transforming Enterprise Collaboration


This year’s info360 brought aimClear eastward to the Big Apple for some tech-tastic brainchow and fabulous city cuisine to boot. The main buzz among conference speakers and attendees was a convergence of enterprise and IT professionals focused on information sharing, communication, and collaboration. Exciting stuff – more businesses are transforming away from traditional intranets and toward two-way interactive collaboration… Read More

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