Search Engine Optimization

Technical & Semantic SEO

Our team has worked with some of the largest publishers in the world. We’ll work with you to increase organic search traffic that matters, and reach reasonable onsite and offsite technical, semantic, and social SEO KPIs that are congruent with sound multi-channel CPA objectives to fulfill your marketing vision.

We’ll conduct an across-the-board audit of your content management system’s (CMS) technical performance as pertains to search engines, and provide detailed optimization instructions to advise your digital production team. We’ll monitor the launch and its effects globally, especially as pertains to SEO KPIs.

We’ll identify target organic search terms based on your products, keyword attainability, true value, and searches that reveal users’ intent, and provide your digital production team with custom title tags, image alt tags, description tags, and internal linking structure for your site’s top-level pages, driven by research and marketing strategy. We’ll also specify formulaic solutions using existing database content to optimize dynamic CMS templates.

We undertake tactics that the search engines can never defeat. In this age of personalized search and masked (encrypted) keywords in analytics, it is becoming increasingly difficult to optimize sites and content with a clear understanding of performance at the granular conversion level. If the search engines continually use human behavior as primary ranking factors for individuals’ search engine results pages (SERPs), then it only makes sense that changing human beings’ search and social behavior needs to be the goal.

Ironically, this suite of online and offline tactics are not a far throw from classic marketing endeavors, dating back first to the Mad-Men era, and then to the dawn of interactive. aimClear is a leader in this industry dialog, which despite its history and simplicities, is cutting edge.