Data-Driven Community & Profile Management

Your Social Media Partner

You want us on that wall. You need us on that wall! aimClear will (wo)man the wall, providing eyes, ears, and voice for your social media welcoming and outreach tactics. We’ll undertake active participation as your brand in social media channels according to the strategic plan. Expect us to lead the process as we engage with new and prospective customers through non-gratuitous and magnanimous social behavior on your behalf.

We invented the concept of data-driven community management, which means mapping search conversion semantics to social. We vet, identity, and document conversations that surround conversion semantics and interact with relevant authority users to build community. Our team understands how to work in harmony with a classic publication calendar, facilitate interdepartmental processes within your company, and set expectations. We also provide research and input to support content, including target briefings, demographic research, ideas, and recommendations.

aimClear currently operates on behalf of major brands in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and other mainstream channels. Furthermore, because we have such deep public-relations chops, we’re regularly trusted to be our clients in niche topical communities such as blogs and trade-specific forums.