Multi-Channel Social & Search Marketing Plans & KPIs

Unlike many yes-man, yes-woman online marketing agencies, aimClear is not a KPI “rubber stamp company.” In other words, we won’t tell you what you want to hear unless we believe in the prospective outcome as totally real. We’ll challenge your goals, coming from a place of serious, tactical experience.

We understand the crucial importance of establishing prudently advised key performance indicators (KPIs) and controlling strategies to guide channel tactics in support of attainable marketing objectives. Our leadership team has been involved in thousands of case studies and stands ready to advise as to what goals fit with conventional wisdom, and when it’s time to blaze new and radical trails.

Based on personaDriver™ modeling, we work closely with our clients to build out a holistic multi-channel search and social marketing plan. Common KPIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct response leads/sales CPA
  • Community building
  • PR & media outreach
  • Branding
  • Application development & usage
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content development & promotion
  • Investor relations
  • Customer service
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Training & staff facilitation