Multinational, Multilingual Conversation Alerts™

aimClear’s Conversation Alerts™ system is a channel-at-a-time modular email alert distribution system for serious reputation and community managers. The alerts drill into millions of individual online channels with near complete coverage, minute-to-minute speed, and tactical and strategic focus. This allows companies to quickly assess situations, leverage opportunities, address conflicts, defend attacks, and otherwise gather and deliver relevant content.

Topline differentiators are:

  • Value: Channel alerts so powerful, they’re a tactic unto themselves.
    • Follow an individual forum or social site’s tag
    • Monitor an individual user as early warning to leverage opportunity or defend attacks
    • Automate monitoring that requires frequent human sweeps (perfect for sites you visit each day)
  • Speed: Fast. Seriously fast. Be the first one to know in most channels.
  • Comprehensive: Mine bulletproof alerts where none are available.
  • Competitive: Closely monitor competitors, engaged fans, and detractors.

Receive email alerts from keyword mentions in mainstream and niche publications ranging from People and Forbes, to trade publications such as Search Engine Land and the AFLCIO Blog, extremely quickly whatever you define as the channel to track. Track the activities of individual users, tags, search results, comments, and threads in any number of social sites such as YouTube, forums, and blogs.

Powerful Semantic Filtering

No other commercially available tool provides layered keyword filters to define email alert triggers in this type of guerrilla reputation monitoring system. aimClear Conversation Alerts are generated when specific semantic criteria are met in any channel monitored. Advanced semantic operators include flexible combinations of:

  • Keyword in body
  • Keyword in headline
  • Negative keyword in body and/or headline
  • From or not from a specific user

Login Proxies

aimClear Conversation Alerts can be customized to monitor content behind login walls for many sites. Object-based data-extraction agents feign human behavior to scrape and bake custom monitoring feeds where none are available. These feeds can also be filtered by keyword combinations. Extracted feeds make it possible to hone in on progressive content, even behind login walls, where the alternative would be painstaking hand monitoring.

Recipient Groups

aimClear Conversation Alerts are emailed to individuals or groups defined at the keyword and channel levels.

Fast. Really Fast.

Most aimClear Alerts are parsed, processed, and emailed within 60 seconds. Custom data-extraction alerts and alerts from some channels with terms-of-service requirements are emailed 96-288 times per day.