First Impressions Matter! Developing Clickworthy Content with Jordan Kasteler

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aimClear’s Manny Rivas, Online Advertising Director, sat down with Jordan Kasteler, Sr. SEO Manager at Red Door Interactive, to discuss what makes content successful and what steps marketers can take to set their content apart from the rest. In this video interview, Jordan describes strategies for structuring and packaging content to make users want to share it and be more engaged with it. Today’s consumers judge content upon first glance, so making your content attention-grabbing from the beginning is of the utmost importance.

Watch the video to discover how to make your content clickworthy and more. Enjoy!

  • Ivan Bayross

    Hi Jordan,

    I loved the way you spoke about Content Packaging.

    Till date I had not look at content from its – Packaging – point of view. Truthfully it always hovers in the background (back of the mind) but consciously focusing on this and using this focus to deliver excellent (real value add) content to your site visitor, has kicked off after I saw and heard your sound bytes.

    Thank you, appreciated this.

    Although I did not quite follow the connect between Star Wars and wearing Flip Flops on a sandy beach 🙂


    Ivan Bayross