Splitting the “Not Provided” Baby: The Danny Sullivan #SMX West Interview

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Welcome to aimClear’s coverage from SMX West 2014! We’re keeping things going with Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan. Danny’s keynote interview with Google’s organic lead Amit Singhal rocked the conference with news that the search giant is working to “find the right solution,” according to Singhal, to honor users’ wish for secure searches and publishers’ desire to know how those users find their sites.

The next day, Danny and aimClear Founder & Evangelist, Marty Weintraub, talked about what that “right solution” might be and how it could change paid and organic search.

“The problem, of course, has been that they took away the terms from all the organic clicks because it’s a privacy thing, but they kept them flowing for the ad clicks. So are the terms not private there or is there something else going on,” Danny said about the conflict Google created when it switched organic keywords to “not provided.”

With potential solutions anywhere between turning organic terms back on to restricting them even in paid, Sullivan laid out five possible options and which one he thinks is most likely.

“If you would just make it so you can get our entire history, which you have, in Google Webmaster Tools, this is largely a non-issue,” he explained about what he’s been telling Google since last fall. But even that has the drawback of making publishers download their latest information every day, he added.

Watch the whole interview for Danny’s early thoughts on a new addition to SMX Advanced…and see him in a green wig.