A Gift Of Legos! aimClear’s Sydney Opera House Time Lapse Construction Video

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Last August our friend Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, noticed aimClear post Facebook status updates and tweets from Australia. Jon’s a lovely guy and Raven reflects his magnanimous personality.  While I was still in Australia, the staff told me there was a largish package waiting for me. I asked them to open it.

Wow, our friend Jon sent us the Sydney Opera House™  (set 10234). The staff, being aimClear, wanted to rip the box open right  then and there! I asked them to please hold off even opening the box until we could set up a bulletproof time lapse rig to capture the process in its entirety.  Alyssa Friesen and Dan Lindquist went  work and built a fantastic motion-detected camera setup,  lighting, etc. Seriously, this thing was practically bolted down.  Dan Lindquist did the frame rate testing,  produced the music and took the sweet picture below. BTW, watch for a special cameo appearance from our little friend Joey. Noel, Peace On Earth and good health to you and those beloved.

lego-sydney _opera_house__1132

lego-sydney _opera_house__1140

lego-sydney _opera_house__1144

lego-sydney _opera_house__1146

lego-sydney _opera_house__1152

lego-sydney _opera_house__1159

lego-sydney _opera_house_1128

  • Jon Henshaw

    Glad you liked it! That video is amazing 🙂

    • Marty Weintraub

      Thanks Jon, we really appreciated the gift and opportunity to make the video. See you in 2014 mate! :).

  • lion air

    I like the gift and way to make the video

  • Ankita

    waw… i like gifts and your video is too cute.. thanks

  • Diesel

    wow, legos are so in depth now a days. I remember when it was all the basic shapes, which even now you can’t find those alone. great article and great post keep them coming!!

  • mariana carlos

    Wao…I really enjoyed reading this post and the video also. superb extremely superb