Implementing a Social Media & Content Strategy: The Greg Finn #SMX Social Interview

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Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of SMX Social! Our video series continues as Marcela interviews Greg Finn, Director of Marketing at Cypress North, on incorporating social media into a digital marketing strategy.

Greg discusses the importance of establishing goals with clients as a first step in the process to implementing a successful social media strategy; the client’s goals will determine the strategy. For the client interested in sales and being everywhere at once, Greg discusses how the product they’re selling will really determine where they should be and what they should be doing, but Facebook Ads is probably a great place to start for the retail client. Custom Audiences is a huge asset for getting in front of a hyper-targeted audience you know is interested in what you have to sell.

Watch as Greg shares additional tips for making a splash with your content strategy.

We’ll be back soon with our final video from the SMX Social video interview series!

  • Saurabh gupta

    Thanks for sharing such a great video and information with us. Yes, it is true that Social media and content strategy is very important for success of every business. Best way to promote business is social media, you can touch with lots of your target audience with social media promotion.

  • Sandra Nmai

    Thanks for the video.Its amazing how Social Media affects advertising and branding.
    We just watched a clip in class on the statistics of the impact Social Media has on marketing and it was amazing. I’ll definitely like to know more about how to advertise effectively and efficiently on various Social Media platforms to different classes of people.