Twitter Advertising: It’s All About the End User! The Audie Chamberlain #SMX Social Interview

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Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of SMX Social! Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’re sharing our final video interviews from last week’s conference in Las Vegas before Turkey Day rolls around. This time, our very own Manny Rivas, Online Advertising Director at aimClear, interviews Audie Chamberlain, Social Marketing Director at Move, Inc. on Twitter advertising.

During his session on Day 1, Audie discussed the impact of Twitter advertising, specifically looking at the new products which allow marketers to combine keywords with interests to provide a particularly useful experience for the end user. For example, if someone is interested in real estate and finance and they tweet keywords like, “I’m trying to find a realtor,” marketers can now serve them Promoted Tweets that give them links to useful tools, adding value to their experience. Before Twitter advertising evolved into this new era of specialized targeting, this sort of interaction would have been much more labor intensive and difficult for marketers to come by.

These days, so many people are constantly on their mobile phones. Watch as Audie shares why he thinks this development is a good thing for marketers and how to use this behavior to your advantage.

We have TWO more video interviews from SMX Social coming soon, so stay tuned!