Hey #SMX NYC! Your Tweet Could Win A Tricked-Out Tent!

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Of the many features of aimClear’s lovely Duluth office, our tents get a tons of attention. You see, we pitch tents around aimClear so our awesome team can take naps, find relaxation and/or undertake other essential routines.  We love our office tents because of their big, bright colors and (let’s face it) it’s pretty darn rad’ to have a various varieties of tents of blue, orange, yellow and green, pitched around our storied office. Well, we’re bringing our famous (and largest) aimClear-blue office tent to the #SMX East Exposition floor. Come visit and play with us. If you’re the lucky big winner YOU’LL take home the tent!

aimClear’s booth, this week on the East Expo floor, will be a HEAP of hot, big-tent fun.  Stop by our tent at SMX, come on in, hang out, sit a spell, tweet a picture and you could win the amazing big tent pictured above.

Entering to win the tent is as simple as 1,2,3.
1- Go in the tent.
2- Take a picture of the tent.
3-Tweet the picture, cc @aimClear.

We’ll conduct a random drawing and one lucky winner gets to take home the tent!

The pictures our friends Tweet are really fun, as we bring cool props like wigs and glasses.  There’s music to listen to and various other treats, not the least of which is hanging out with our team.  Of course, there is always great talk about marketing. Here are some pictures from our expo hall tent at SMX Advanced, Seattle, June. You can see we had a pretty darned great time. This is a pic our good friend Brad Geddes.


aimClear & SMX East
This is the sixth year in a row, aimClear will field a contingent of Minnesota online marketers at Search Marketing Expo East, New York, NY! Check out our workshop and speaking schedule for 2013.  SMX East is one of the we-will-never-miss conferences that takes place anywhere in the world. Just look at how much fun our friend Ric Dragon and I had in our last big tent givaway.


SO, step right up #SMX attendees.  I’ll personally be there to greet you in our booth for much of the show. You’ll have a find chance of running into other aimClear team members including Manny Rivas, Annalise Kaylor, Megan Rivas and Merry Morud. Let’s meet in the tent. You’ll easily recognize our #SEO Activity Tent on the expo floor right away so stop on by the booth. Look how much fun Amy Vernon had in Seattle.

Amy Vernon & aimClear

So, we hope to see you there. Safe travels and we’ll see you in NY!