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Hey, #SMX Advanced! Enter The Radtacular @aimClear Social #SEO Activity Tent $1K Giveaway

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Want to win $1,000 of Facebook media spend to promote YOUR Facebook page content to key psychographics?  Want to learn from aimClear’s work in your account so you can earn links and create the social signals so crucial to Google SEO rankings post Penguin 2.0? Of COURSE you do! Read on for easy details.

One much ballyhooed feature of aimClear’s lovely Duluth office is our tent. We use it here to take naps, find repose and/or other routines.  We love it because it’s big, bright orange and (let’s face it) it’s pretty darn rad’ to have a bright orange Marmot glacier tent pitched in our office.

Well, we’re bringing our famous orange aimClear office tent to the #SMX Advanced Exposition floor. Come visit and play with us. If you’re the lucky big winner YOU’LL work with aimClear as aimClear PAYS Facebook to promote YOUR Facebook wall content to select psychographics.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Go in the tent. Take a picture in the tent.  Tweet the picture, cc @aimClear.  We conduct a random drawing and one lucky winner gets aimClear’s crack targeting and Facebook distribution team to promote YOUR content to relevant audiences.

aimClear SMX Advanced Giveaway Rules

If you have a blog and a Facebook company page then we’ll promote your blog through your FB page. If you have a Facebook company page and no blog, don’t worry.  We’ll promote your business directly from your FB page. aimClear will consult with you to by our normal intake methods to debrief you so we can target amplification.

THIS means that you’ll also get our famous psychographic research as applied to samplings of YOUR content, all for free.  Best of all, aimClear will then pay 1K of media spend to Facebook and provide you with all the data.  We’re not including our hours of service in the 1K. The money all goes to FB to promote your content. (Here’s a link to all the rules.)

When coupled with a strong blog and great content, social content distribution is a crucial element for content marketers. Visitors sent behave much like organic non-brand search traffic. Links and social signals also occur. Also, when content is amplified to vertical and general media roles (bloggers, journalists, editors, etc.) social distribution can generate links and other positive things.

SO, step right up SMX attendees.  I’ll personally be there to greet you in our booth for much of the show.  Let’s meet in the tent. You’ll easily recognize our Social #SEO Activity Tent on the expo floor right away so stop on by the booth.

BTW, our tent is cooler than you may know.  We never know where we’ll find our big orange tent in the aimClear office. Here it is in our WTF conference room. Manny seems to be at peace with his tent.

aimClear SMX Advanced SEO Giveaway

When we told our tent we were taking it to Seattle, it was bouncing-off-the-walls excited. You can almost hear it crying YIPPEEEEE.


Then we stopped to take a group photo with our orange tent, before getting ready to leave.

aimClear SEO giveaway for SMX Advanced

Our tent screamed out down the stairs and out the door.  See Alyssa, Megan D and Megan R having fun with our intense tent leaving for SEA.aimClear SEO giveaway for SMX Advanced

See ya’ in Seattle! Don’t forget to stop by and tweet a pic from inside our tent 🙂

Image credit, Seattle background