Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Crowds Gather! Session Sneak Peek With Lisa Raehsler

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Hear ye, hear ye! The 2013 Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference draws closer each day, and the city is ripe with anticipation (well… of the main event, and of the long-awaited arrival of Spring!). One month from now, local professionals and faraway thought-leaders will gather together in charming downtown Duluth, Minnesota for an intense one-day conference. It’s gonna be an all-you-can-learn stuff-your-brain buffet featuring some of the online marketing industry’s premier thought-leaders and world-class curriculum.

Believe it or not, we have three different and totally smart Lisas returning this year for the second coming of Zenith: Lisa Buyer, Lisa Grimm, and the lovely Lisa Raehsler. Lisa R., founder and principal strategist at Big Click Co., has ample hands-on experience with a variety of PPC accounts and PPC integration with analytics, targeting strategies, and even eCommerce sites. She’s a familiar face in the local interactive community down in the Twin Cities and on the national industry conference scene as well. Her expertise is showcased in posts published on ClickZ and Search Engine Watch.

aimClear had the chance to share a brief Q&A with Lisa on the advent of Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference, where she’ll share Paid Advertising Fundamentals For Social Media Marketers during an incredibly appropriately and literally-named session. Read on for the full effect!

| aimClear: Greetings, Lisa! Please tell the folks at home a little about yourself. Who are you, how did you get here?

lisa-photoLisa Raehsler: Thanks Lauren. I’ve been working in interactive for over 15 years, but love PPC so much that I’ve been focusing on that specific niche since 2007. I help companies max out their PPC results in AdWords, AdCenter, Facebook, LinkedIn ads– any place we can reach our audience and encourage them to engage through awareness or conversions.

| aC: What’s the difference between offering social PPC services as a solo practitioner vs. operating under an agency umbrella?

LR: I’ve worked for many top agencies and I think the functionality model is similar. However, my clients benefit by working directly with me, as a senior PPC expert, rather than getting assigned to junior level teams. My solutions are very custom and don’t get hung up in internal meetings and processes, as may occur at some larger agencies. People never stop searching so flexibility and customization is critical.

| aC: What are the top three things social advertising n00bz just have to know to get started?

LR: If someone is just getting started, my recommendation is to have clear goals and monitor data. For example with Facebook ads, at the simplest level to determine “how many fans” you want to acquire, then watch this exact metric very close to understand how it works. When getting more advanced, leverage this knowledge and add more metrics to the analysis. This allows educated growth from n00bz to super star. At the same time, study up on how to do creative with great images and ad copy. aimClear has written some superb articles on this.

| aC: Does success as a search PPC campaign portent success at a social PPC campaign? Why, why not, and please share examples 🙂

LR: I certainly think they are complementary and should be used together, however, success in one doesn’t guarantee success in another. Consider that search is an action for the user, ie they are actively inputting a specific search query into the search engine, wanting to answer a question. The ads can be served to answer that question. Most ads in social PPC are passive, in that the user is doing something else, then sees an ad, which may or may not relate to their actions at the time. It depends on the client, goals, and audience as to which approach works best. Often both can be successful with goals tailored to that channel.

| aC: Next month at Zenith Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference, you’ll lead the discussion of Paid Advertising Fundamentals For Social Media Marketers. Please, could you share your #1 essential piece of advice for social media pros who may feel like class-act PPC n00bz?

LR: Planning is key. Too many people spontaneously start ads without a clear focus or goals. Often the results of these endeavors are poor, so advertisers new to the channel are left discouraged. The best way to get started is to set  clear direction on what is being marketed, to whom, and what success may look like at the end of the day.

| aC: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

LR: I like to see the big picture, so I’d be some kind of bird. A bird in a warm climate… 🙂

| aC:  Thank you for your time today, Lisa! We’ll be seein’ ya up here on the Northshore soon enough!

Photo credit: laurenlitwinkaphotographs.tumblr.com

  • Lisa Raehsler

    Lauren, thanks for this! I am really looking forward to this event.

  • Lauren Litwinka

    @Lisa – It’s gonna be a blast. So pleased to have you 🙂