Facebook Partner Categories: Wrangle Up Some Deadeye Targeting Segments, Y’all! (+7 Must-Read Posts)

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As you may have heard, the next big thing from Facebook is being rolled out before our very eyes. It’s called Partner Categories. SMBs everywhere are holding their breath, crossing their fingers, clutching their lucky rabbit’s foot charms close to their hearts in anticipation of this new advertising tool. The word around the watering hole is this is Facebook’s way of telling SMBs to get back on that horse and wrangle themselves some new targeting segments. YeeHawwwwww!

Here’s what Facebook has to say about it:

Partner Categories Description

And here’s what some excellent resources from around the web have to say about this exciting new development:

Not in the mood to click around right now? Read on for a high-level look.

Partner Categories & Targeting Functionality: What Can You Do?
You can mix and match Partner Category targeting with general Interest, or Broad Category targeting as well as an And/Or targeting option. As with all Facebook advertising parameters, there is no sharing of personal information between Facebook, third party data providers, and advertisers.

OMG Lots Of Data! Where Does It Come From?
These new “partner categories” are filled with data pulled from external data providers (Acxiom, Epsilon & Datalogix). These data providers collect user data on and off line based on shopping behavior that can be associated with your friends and fans on Facebook. For example, there are 22,542,600 people who are known to purchase eggs who are associated with FB accounts, 9,639,200 hot tea drinkers, and 11,119,200 foodies swimming in the sea of FB users. If you click on the informational “i”, you’ll receive the audience reach, a brief description, and source. Yippee aye kyaw! That’s intense.

Foodie Description

Have you tinkered around with Partner Categories? Tell us about your experiences!