Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference Sneak Peak: Lisa Grimm to Co-Host Twitter Marketing Fiesta

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lisagrimmMaybe you’ve heard… Springtime has yet to arrive here in good old Duluth, Minnesota. We’re nearly a month into the season of blossoms and sunshine and arguably warmer temperatures – yet, our city by the lake remains buried under a 12+ inches of snow… and frankly, there’s just no telling when Mother Nature will get her act together. At least we have one sure thing to look forward to… the second coming of Zenith SocialCon!

The 2013 show is coming to town Thursday, May 30th – just a bit more than a month away – and we can’t wait. Last year’s conference was a total blast, and the way things are shaping up – from the curriculum to the speakers and attendee count – it looks like this year’s event will be just as rewarding.

The lovely Lisa Grimm will be returning to the stage to present with social-PR pro Lisa Buyer on Twitter Marketing Fiesta! Cranking Up The TwitterSphere With Lisa & Lisa! The two teamed up last year for the same session, which was a totally beloved brainchow buffet. Lisa was kind enough to sit down with aimClear for a candid Q&A as we draw nearer to Zenith SocialCon. Read on for the goods.

| aimClear: Lisa! Welcome. Tell the folks at home a bit about yourself. Who are you? Where do you come from? How did you wind up in the online marketing industry?

Lisa Grimm: Hi everyone! I’d first like to start out by saying that I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the upcoming Zenith Social Media Conference in lovely Duluth, MN on May 30. I was a speaker and attendee last year and had an absolute blast. The event brings together a lot of diverse set of minds from the online marketing world. I hope to see you there this year. As for me, I’m a curious, people-loving, 30-something gal (wow, that’s the first time I’ve said that since turning 30 and it’s awesomely weird) living in Minneapolis with my husband and American Bulldog.

By day, I’m director of PR and emerging media at space150, an awesome digital agency headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in DUMBO, Brooklyn and L.A. My role at space (in a nutshell) is to build its PR practice, with a focus on the integration of owned, earned and paid media to create holistic communications solutions for our clients. In addition, I am responsible for the space150 brand, content and social media strategy. I wound up in online marketing because I am fiercely passionate about creating meaningful connections and experiences between people and brands through the convergence of technology and communication.

| aC: You’re a big PR and brand advocate type of lady. How does PR, social media, and brand advocacy mashup to make a magical marketing elixir? 

LG: PR is all about establishing relationships, reputation and trust. In order to obtain those things, you must know who you are and why that matters to the folks you’re communicating it to (I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”). That’s a really big piece of the puzzle because when you understand those things, tactics like content and the dissemination of that content via traditional and social media becomes much easier. I’ve had great success by laying a solid foundation for what I’m trying to do (research and planning), producing content that provides value to my people and allowing them to co-create the story with me/brand. That’s a winning mix that can’t be beat.

| aC: What makes MSP / STP unique as an online marketing crucible? Is it the weather? Something in the water? Please elucidate. 

LG: MSP is full of a lot of passionate people that are hungry to be a part of innovation. I think it helps that we pack some serious corporate heat with Target, General Mills, 3M, Medtronic, United Health Group, to name a few, and have a lot of small businesses that are doing amazing work. We’re all also stuck indoors for six months out of the year, so that may be a big factor in our energy and determination to produce results in this space.

| aC: At Zenith this year, you will co-host the second coming of the Twitter Marketing Fiesta! Cranking Up The TwitterSphere With Lisa & Lisa! People were pretty blown with last year’s session. What’s the magic sauce that makes it so memorable? And what can we expect new this year?

LG: Well, both of our names are Lisa, which is pretty exciting in and of itself. In all seriousness, that’s really nice to hear and I’m glad people found our session valuable. We each shared a different set of experiences and POV for best practices on Twitter. In addition we were very focused on case studies and actionable takeaways. We plan to follow a very similar format this year with new examples and takeaways. There will likely be a content and advertising since the platform has changed considerably since last year.

| aC: Lightning round! Favorite ethnic cuisine, travel spot, and adult beverage, GO.

LG: Favorite ethnic cuisine: I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Mexican food. Burrito Ruleta from a Mexican joint called El Loro is one of my favorite meals, and let’s just say I eat it often 🙂 .

Favorite travel spot: I’m going to break this into domestic and international because I can’t help myself. International pick = Italy. My dude and I went for the first time last fall and fell in love – with Italy. Luckily, my dude and I were already in love. We did Florence, Rome and Positano in on the Amalfi Coast and it was the trip of a lifetime. Florence is an amazing city that I hope to find myself back in someday. Domestic love = Savannah, Georgia. I went a few years ago and have been obsessed since. It is an unbelievable historic, charming and romantic city, with a little spook factor. I highly recommend.

Favorite adult beverage: I’m a sucker for a good Shirley Temple. I know, it’s not very adult, but I just can’t wean myself of the damn things so I just go with it.

| aC: Right on 🙂 . Thanks so much for your time today, Lisa! Safe travels out here to Duluth – see you next month!