NEW Must-Use Facebook Power Editor Features: Sponsored Search Results

Posted in Facebook Advertising

This week Facebook unveiled a newly organized version of Power Editor, which, in our opinion, represents a great step in making ad types and placement easier for self-serve advertisers to understand. This post will dive into the most significant change: Sponsored Search Results and the new targeting options with this ad unit.

Sponsored Search Results


We first noticed sponsored search results in the latter portion of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. The awesome news is now they’re available to anyone through the new Power Editor, not just rich white presidential candidates.

Who’s to say if Romney’s Sponsored Search Result swayed any voters. (Our guess is no.) That said, we have to hand his team credit for not only bidding on the incumbent president, Romney’s direct competitor, but  former President Clinton. Keep this in mind, clever marketers. Target your competitors now while you still can… Facebook will likely be policing this in the future.

Since the launch of Graph Search, Facebook has moved the Sponsored Search Result from the first position (smart), but we’ll undoubtably see users upset with Sponsored Results (as with any ad unit) if they appear irrelevant. Remember: Target smart!

Sponsored Search Result Ad Anatomy: 

  • “Headline” = Page Name
  • What your Page Category is (eg: Clinton = Public Figure, aimClear = Marketing Consultant, Advertising Service)
  • Body Copy Text = 70 Characters
  • Image = Page thumbnail
  • Destination = Choose from Facebook Page assets
  • Track with URL Tags? Yes!
  • New Conversion Tracking? Yes!



New Targeting! Sorry, Sponsored Search Results Ad Units Only
New targeting options for Facebook ads are always intriguing, and the new targeting for Sponsored Search Results is no exception. Advertisers can now target “entities” on Facebook, which include pages, places, apps, even users.



While this additional targeting variable is only available to use in conjunction with Sponsored Search Results, *crosses fingers* here’s hoping it will become a staple targeting variable for ALL ad units. It would be downright smart, as separate targeting variables use the and operator, opposed to lumping pages and places in with Precise Interests and operating with or. Can you imagine?! Oops, just drooled on my keyboard.