B2B Video In Da House! Essential Techniques & Tips For Success From #SESSF

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All right folks. SES San Francisco 2012 has officially come to a close. But not before a final super-informative and entertaining session, Keys to Success with B2B Video. Greg Jarboe, our fun-loving moderator, helped us get to know Leslie Drate, Social Media Team Lead with Cisco and Mark Robertson, Founder of ReelSEO. Greg started things off by promising a feisty and enjoyable session 🙂 .

Leslie straight-outta-the-gate blew our minds with some viral industry info:

  • Video will account for 90% of Internet traffic by 2014!
  • Video consumption is up 43% from one year ago!
  • 84% of the US population is watching videos! And of that 84%, the average person watches 4 videos a day!
  • People are more likely to watch longer videos on non-desktop devices.
  • Individuals who watch online videos are more valuable to business than individuals who don’t.

There is a rapid shift from users viewing on desktop to mobile devices. So we better be ready.

  • Did you know that 96% of IT decision makers watch videos for business?
  • And they end up sharing videos 83% of the time.

Those are some big numbers! And don’t forget, Tech related downloads aren’t limited to the workday, so keep posting in evenings and weekend. To help with your video sharing, YouTube has recently added a scheduling feature, so you can schedule your uploads for the weekend.

Leslie then released some highly classified information from Cisco’s vault for us to soak up about individuals who watch their onsite videos:

  • Pages with videos embedded receive 44% more page views then pages that don’t
  • Individuals who watch their videos are twice as likely to engage in help related chat with their site
  • 41% are more likely to come back to the Cisco site
  • They are 5 times more likely to click through on a blog post
  • They are twice as likely to click open an email

There are a ton of reasons why your business would want to create and share a video, Leslie keyed us into just a few:

  • Advertisement
  • Thought Leadership
  • Case Study
  • Demo
  • Tech Solution
  • Video Data Sheet
  • Training
  • Event Promotion
  • Program Series

High cost does not mean more clicks. There seems to be no relationship between the amount of money spent, and the views it receives. It’s all about producing the right quality content for your audience. It can even be free!

There are 2 types of video watchers…

  • Browsers are seeking out information on or about a product of subject
  • Fact Finders know what they’re looking for and want something relevant.

There are also two types of call to action on YouTube. Paid and unpaid.

  • Paid is a call-to-action overlay. It only appears on the bottom half of the page and has clear character limits.
  • Unpaid, however, is an annotation. It has no character limit and can be placed anywhere. Make sure to include a full URL in the description under the video. If it’s complete, it’s clickable 😉

Size Matters 🙂
The length of your video is key. One-third of your audience has stopped viewing within the first 10 seconds. Ouch. While over half has left by the halfway point. If you’re posting your video to YouTube, make sure to keep it between 60-90 seconds. If it’s being posted to your site, it can be a bit longer, about 2-3 minutes. A good tip for long videos: break it into a series!

At this point in the game, Mark jumped in with some key insights. He said it straight: You can’t ignore YouTube.

  • It’s the second largest social site, search engine, and website out there!
  • 1.5 million searches happen every day on YouTube for business.
  • 72 hours of content is being uploaded every single minute.
  • Get in the game NOW.

“It’s not just for teens and cat videos,” Mark stressed… 82% of users on YouTube are 25 and older, and 43% are over 45.

Mark was kind enough to share some questions you can ask yourself when creating content:

  • Is the content unique?
  • Is the content useful?
  • Is the content well executed?
  • Is the content entertaining?
  • Does it tell a story?

Be mindful of your titles and headlines:

  • They are the first thing people see
  • They show up on search results pages
  • They are inside embedded player

YouTube Meta Data Tips
Maximize descriptive text areas!

  • Description: you can have up to 5000 characters
  • Put targeted keywords first
  • Long form? Link within video
  • Include URLs to channels, playlists or sites

Tag Tips
This just in: Today, YouTube removed tags from user visibility, but they still ask that you use them. Maybe they’re more important than we thought?

  • Optimize & de-optimize your tags
  • Don’t spam
  • Put keyword phrases in quotes or commas
  • Add semantically related and misspelled keywords

Mark then busted out an excellent case study video for us to watch. It’s about a company called OraBrush. They were this local start up that go picked up by their local Wal-Mart, and spread like wild fire from there… check it out:

That video cost OraBrush $500 to produce.

  • $300 of it was for the script
  • $150 to rent the pool hall to shoot it in
  • A whopping 50 bucks for lighting equipment.

From that initial $500 investment, they received $5-7 Million in revenue. Yup.

A couple things to remember before we leave you:

  • Use closed captioning for global reach! It will benefit those who may be hearing impaired, or people at work chose not to, or can’t listen to the audio.
  • If you write a script, there’s no reason for you to pay for your video to be transcribed (Mark learned that one the hard way).
  • Don’t forget about your channel! Customize it! Make it personal to your brand.
  • Make sure you’re spending as much time in YouTube as you are engaging in all other social media avenues!

Thanks everyone for staying tuned this week. The entire aimClear crew had a blast! Thank you to the SES clan, speakers, and moderators for an excellent conference, thank you to the city of San Francisco for being welcoming hosts, and thank you to everyone who has followed along with our coverage on aimClear blog. Check back right here next week for a full recap of SES San Francisco 2012!

Gretchen out 🙂 .

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