New York, New York! aimClear Facebook Marketing Workshop Heads To #SMX East

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 Start spreading the news! We’re leaving… in October! We want to be apart of it! SMX! SMX! 

aimClear’s thrilled to announce we’re bringing our Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop back to SMX East, for what will surely be a top-notch culmination to another great year on the mainstream conference circuit. From stupendous social ads to essential organic community management tactics, our full-day training is the perfect treat for hungry marketers looking to tap the full potential of Facebook’s platform and user-base. Read on for a sneak peek at our upcoming agenda, fortified with vitamins awesome, killer, and radtastic.

Facebook is one crafty shape-shifter. It seems like every time we turn around, there’s a new change to the Ads platform, some new targeting functionality, quietly unrolled CM capabilities, the works. The only way to dominate this beast is to stay as up-to-speed as humanly possible. Our hardcore Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop is here to serve you well 🙂

The fun starts Monday, October 1 and lasts from sun-up til happy hour. Register now for best prices on your seat at mama’s table. Early bird expires 8/31!

Behold! Our Facebook Marketing Intensive Agenda

  • How to (Actually) Earn (Substantial) Money with Facebook
  • The Evolving Blurred Paradigm & The Hybrid CM
  • Facebook Demographic Research & Guerilla Targeting
  • Establishing Facebook Marketing KPIs
  • Curate & Aggregate! Industrial Strength Content Sharing For Powerful Community Managers
  • How To Buying Fans For Fun & Profit
  • Killer Facebook Ads: Account Structure & Optimization, How To Write Ads like a Rockstar, Choosing Images That Scream
  • Sponsored Stories & Other Fantastical Social Facebook Ad Unit
  • Decoding Facebook’s EdgeRank & Organic Visibility
  • Digging Deep In Facebook’s Insights & Mining Organic Analytics
  • Facebook Tools Discussion, Any Additional Topics, General Question Time, Site Clinics

The crowd drawn by SMX events is a beautiful one – veritable throngs of thought leaders, cutting-edge marketers, and marketers ready for some serious learnin’. We had a blast at last month’s Advanced arm of the conference in Seattle, rounded out by our Facebook Intensive, and walked away with new friends, new knowledge, and new ideas for how to make the next workshop even better.

Our panel of accomplished international online marketers will be waiting for you as the clock strikes October. Hope to see you there 🙂

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