Causing True Community: The Huevos Rancheros + Pinot Approach

Posted in Aimclear, Community Manager

Chorizo, potatoes, and eggs…oh my! I bet you’re wondering what this Friday morning feast has to do with social media, right?  The real question is, what DOESN’T it have to do with social media?!

aimClear’s CEO Marty, hosted a protein pumping pow-wow this morning. In doing so, he demonstrated the importance of bringing people together.  “Promotion” started with an email blast to our office that breakfast, a special one at that, was on the griddle at work.

He created a reason for our team to share an experience, to socialize, build community, and interact. The best way to build community is to cause community!

Whether your brand is looking for Facebook “Likes” or Twitter “Followers,” the message is simple: Give and you shall receive! Actually be engaging, surrounding valuable themes, and other will engage.


Make chorizo breakfast burritos paired with Maysara Pinot for your team, and you’ll have an event on your hands. (Also your peeps will be eternally grateful.)

It’s interesting to note… actual events that actually engage tend to propagate in social media when when properly documented.  More than half of aimClear’s FB fans saw the post quickly by organic/viral propagation. Social media mirrors physical life.

BTW, this is one timeless concept Lauren and Marty are exploring in their upcoming Wiley/Sybex book about data driven community management. Ciao! (Or is that CHOW…) until next week.