The Social Media Community Manager’s Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ Wish List

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The life of the community manager is fraught with intrigue and excitement. You never know what those frisky social citizens are going to come up with next, whether it’s a simple product/service question or a scathing rant about why Brand XYZ sucks at life and should be sent to the guillotine. That’s what keeps our jobs as data-driven community managers interesting and our fingers ready to respond at the drop of a pin(g). Being the voice of a brand is a pretty awesome responsibility to have, no question about it. But there are always seemingly simple platform features that could be modified to make our lives easier…

Remember waaaaaay back when we couldn’t schedule our Facebook posts IN Facebook? This tiny update made the lives of busy community managers so much easier. Finally, CMs who had to post FB statuses on behalf a client’s brand that happened to be attending a tradeshow in a country 13 hours in the future could do so without setting the alarm for 2 am CST. And what about posts that needed to push to the Wall at an exact time for relevancy’s sake? Problem solved, thanks for listening, Facebook! Ahhh, and for sure one of the biggest pet peeves community managers faced was the inability to edit comments once posted to a company wall (unless your fingers were cheetah-fast). Facebook, you get an A+ for that one!

Despite these helpful fixes, all in the community management world is not sunshine and rainbows. There still linger pesky bugs and oversights that could make our lives that much better! We got so much off our chests had so much fun publishing aimClear’s Roadmap for Facebook Ads last week, we decided to take a similar stab at our favorite social platforms from the organic side. This is an ever-changing and growing list. Feel free to add yours in the comment arena below 🙂 .

Let’s start with Facebook. In a perfect dreamy world, what would Community Managers want from FB?

1. The ability to edit Facebook status updates. While we can now (or should be able to within the next week or so) edit Facebook comments without having to battle the clock, we still can’t edit Facebook status updates once they’ve been posted. Facebook, take a lesson from Google+. What is a community manager to do if she accidentally posts the wrong link? What is she misspells a word and doesn’t catch it until the “Post” button has been pushed? If we can edit comments, we should be able to edit status updates. Just sayin’.

2. Facebook targeted updates by interest. Community managers can target individual status updates by location and language, but why can’t we target by interest yet? Yes, Facebook Ads exist for a reason, but what about for the ordinary old status update? We know Facebook is trying to turn a profit, but hey, this is a wish list…

Targeted updates for Facebook

LinkedIn’s got the idea. Their robust targeted updates function allows community managers to target people by industry, function, seniority, geography or even to employees.

Targeted updates in LinkedIn

Think of the things you could do with targeted updates in Facebook. You could post super-relevant posts to sections of your community. Let’s pretend you are the community manager of a large electronics company. You could post a status update about the latest plasma, flat-screen, 3D TV and target men who like sports while posting another status update about the cool new phone with super-texting features to teenage girls. The possibilities are endless.

3. Add a search feature within pages. Say you need to find out what you posted on Facebook on a specific date 4 months ago. Wouldn’t it be nifty if Facebook let community managers plug into a search bar a date to see the social activity on that day? Rather than scroll down through older posts until you find the right date, this additional feature would seriously uncomplicate things.

Moving on to good old Twitter, we’ve got a few ideas for how to improve the quality of a community manager’s life.

1. Twitter Insights, anyone? One thing Facebook does right is integrate Insights directly into Facebook. While there are some tools out there for calculating the number of followers, how many people you follow, the number of tweets in a given time period, traffic, etc., Twitter itself has no such reporting mechanism unless you’re an advertiser. Why the heck not? Seems like they’re missing the big picture with this one.

2. More robust Twitter profiles. Brand pages on Twitter are kind of cool… kind of. While most brands include a link to their website where people can find more information, wouldn’t it be nice if profiles featured longer bios, “about” sections or contact information? What about recent videos posted? Sure, images are enticing and all, but there definitely seems to be room for improvement.

3. Targeted Twitter updates. Why not just @mention certain parties, you ask? That’s definitely not scalable for a large group of people. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could tweet updates to specific groups of people like we suggested Facebook do? This would have to be arranged in a way that the community manager could determine what group a person falls in to. Then when the community manager @mentions that group, everyone in that group would see that tweet. LinkedIn, kudos again! You’re already giving CMs this functionality.

Last but not least, we have some suggestions for you too, Google+.

1. Ability to edit content descriptions. Ding, ding, ding! Out of all the items on our community management wish list, this one takes the cake. We can remove descriptions when posting status updates in Google+, but we can’t edit them like in Facebook. Who else is a little peeved by this? Google+ lets us edit updates once they’ve been posted, +people in updates much like Facebook, and even target people or groups by status update, but they don’t let us edit the description that comes with the link we’re posting? Hopefully it’s only a matter of time until this issue is fixed because it seems kind of backwards that we are offered so many benefits to Google+ status updates but not allowed to edit the link description.

2. Make logging in a little less clunky. To log into a Google+ brand page, you must:

  • Log into the G-mail account associated with the Google+ page
  • Select the Google+ icon
  • Scroll down to More
  • Click on pages
  • Select “Switch to Brand XYZ”

That’s what I like to call clunky. Make this easier. Please.

3. Google+ Analytics. So we’ve got Google Analytics already, but no Google+ Analytics. Just like we’d like for Twitter, it would be nice if Google+ added some kind of data about the Google+ page performance.

That about wraps up our wish list! It seems the social channels are changing and making updates every week, so who knows how soon this list will become outdated. Compiling it helped us feel a bit better… for now. How about you? What’s on your social media wish list? We want to know 🙂 .

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  • Craig Arthur

    Having to delete your facebook status just to fix an error can be a huge pain! I totally agree on the editing of the status.

    On the google plus side, I agree with your number one fix. It’s annoying that I can’t post the reason or why I’m posting something. It looks like spam to me. Fix this google!

    • Erica Sendros

      Couldn’t agree more, Craig! Hopefully its just a matter of time until our wishes are granted.