Hardcore Brain-Chow meets Seattle’s Best Seafood: #SMX Advanced 2012 In Review

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Farewell, #SMX Advanced 2012, we hardly knew thee! Well, perhaps that’s not quite true… but it sure does feel that just as Search Marketing Expo’s Advanced arm began, it came to a way-too-soon close. Goodbyes were exchanged with friends after a week-long congregation in sunny soggy Seattle, where rockstar online marketing tips, tactics, and techniques were shared and consumed. On the light rail back to SeaTac, we reflected on the awesome goodies learned over the past days, and looked ahead with excitement to bringing all that blowaway brain-chow back to the table.

Attendees and speakers will tell you: #SMX Advanced is on a different level from other hallmark events in this industry. Traditionally three days of training sessions are miraculously crammed into two n00bz-need-not-apply days with spare room for all-star networking shindigs and sumptuous seafood feasts. This year’s show was no exception. We were so jazzed by the curriculum and top-notch takeaways, we wanted to wrap it all up in a neat little blog post for the readers at home to unpack and enjoy. Whether you weren’t able to make it out to Seattle for the conf, or did attend and want to relive the goods and glory, read on for a roundup of live coverage from #SMX Advanced 2012!

Day 1 – Tuesday, June 5
For those on the Hardcore track, Day 1 of #SMX Advanced skyrocketed into action with a deep look at a a variety of social tools, tactics, and channels. The aimClear team was front and center, churning out From Pinterest to Reddit: Advanced Tactics For Hardcore Social Domination in homage to the plethora of brain-pearls shared from the stage.

A supreme highlight from the afternoon was the post-lunch session all about retargeting. Experts doled out great advice for successfully launching retargeting campaigns and pro-tips to avoid a stalker’s reputation. aimClear’s Rock Retargeting Without The Creep-Factor! Deadeye Tips from #SMX Advanced has the full recap. Worth checking out!

Here’s a list of some other primo coverage from the first day of #SMX Advanced:

Day 2
The day was young, but the candles were lit for an intimate Q&A chat between two seriously smart dudes. A Candlelit Keynote with Bing’s Derrick Connell & Danny Sullivan – what better way to jumpstart the tail-end of #SMX Advanced? Derrick had super insightful data to share about Bing, as well as news on a recently launched UI design and updates to Bing Webmaster tools. Check out the coverage, linked above, to learn more.

In true #SMX fashion, the conference rounded out with a spectacular advanced session on PPC audits. Panelists came together and shared something like 57 Amazing Ways To Audit PPC Campaigns Like A Pro, excitedly covered by the aimClear crew. There’s not much more to say other than that session was must-attend, and the recap housing all of the tools and tactics is absolutely must-read. What a treat!

Here’s a link roll of some noteworthy coverage also from Day 2 – from pagination to paid search tools. Groovy stuff’s to behold!

One last major shout out to the speakers, attendees, conference organizers, and everyone else who had a hand in making this year’s #SMX Advanced an all-around rockstar event. Until next year… enjoy these gratuitous photos of Seafood Extravaganza 2012!

Mmmmmmmmm 🙂