Chitchat, Conference Coverage & Cupcakes! aimClear Just For Fun Friday

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Yesterday, the aimClear team had the pleasure of indulging in a particularly sweet treat. We’re not talking about soft-baked rainbow chip cookies or Gainey Merlot… though plenty of each were thoroughly enjoyed. No, we’re talkin’ training time with Ric Dragon!


A most welcome epilogue to the amazing brainchow buffet known only as Zenith, Ric stayed on a day extra to deliver a special presentation to us aimClearians (plus beloved guest, Will Scott). We all gathered round as if a magical story-hour were about to commence, eager to hear what top-shelf secrets Ric had to share.

We’ll post a full recap of Ric’s primo-preso next week, which tackled everything from allo-grooming to Six Sigma, but for today’s edition of “Just For Fun Friday,” and on the advent of #SMX Advanced, we wanted to showcase a prime example of why killer conference coverage is so totally powerful.

Ric’s presentation was rich with information and complimentary case studies. One such case study that made my mouth water ears perk up was that of Mari Luangrath.

I knew that name! Mari was the trendy-shoe-lovin’ chick who sold cupcakes to customers in the Chicago area. I had attended her solo presentation at #SES Chicago 2010, impressed by her no-nonsense approach to online marketing, of which she admittedly knew absolutely nothing. Her company, Foiled Cupcakes, had unintentionally discovered the secret sauce to social media, and had reaped tremendous benefits because of it.

Without thinking, I made my way to the aimClear blog to share the link of this session’s coverage with my fellow training attendees, so they could have some more context of the cupcake retailer Ric had mentioned.

Later that evening, I noticed Will had tweeted a link to my post. Almost two years old, but fortunately, still chockfull of invaluably relevant tips and teachings.

A fresh, fun conversation surrounding the post ensued, and drew together Will, Ric, Mari, and myself.

It ended with an invitation for real, free cupcakes, and an offering of a delicious-looking cyber one…

Just goes to show… killer conference coverage serves many purposes: Awesome internal training, charming conversation starters, and most anything in between.

Happy Friday, y’all 🙂