#Facebook Experiments With User Polls To Grade Pages

Posted in Facebook SEO

Tell all your friends to say they love your page, if Facebook asks! FB is experimenting with classic methodology, presumably to either advise or verify the algorithm which controls organic visibility of brand page posts. Cute! Cool school is old school. We can just picture those sweatshirted FB Execs’ in a Palo Alto conference room with someone saying, “Heck, why don’t we just ASK users what they like?”

It’s interesting that this poll showed in the sponsored section of the FB template.  The brand page I was polled about belongs to a friend of ours, a corporate entity that owns and operates a number of name corporate fast food restaurants. The page is not highly used, but is a credible enough placeholder that is tastefully active. We wonder how FB decides which pages to ask about, or if it is random.

This could be heaven or hell for brands.  Either way, this is an interesting addition to the FB EdgeRank organic surfacing algorithm. Let us know if you see this and the qualities of the page Facebook is asking about.