Alert! Facebook Ads Game Changer? Cool Internal Destinations

Posted in Facebook Advertising

As usual, Facebook has quietly rolled out a significant new feature. Now we have the [groovy] ability to distribute ad traffic to various internal destination landing pages! This introduces amazing interesting possibilities to marketers. The new destination URLs are Resume, Timeline, All Activity, Messages, Photos, Likes, Maps and Notes pages.

Stay tuned and our aimClear team will report results and idiosyncratic quirks of the new capabilities. For now, it’s like waking up to Hanukkah in March. Let us know what you think of these changes.

  • Miriam Schwab

    Wow! That’s an interesting addition. Though sending traffic to one of those destinations seems inefficient – we want people to get good info and ideally a call to action wherever they land. It would take a very creative approach to make one of those archive-type pages into something that works for a Page.

    • Marty Weintraub

      @Miriam Schwab: Agreed. Let’s keep in mind that FB is famous for throwing stuff at the wall and then retracting or expanding based on performance. It’s so funny. They don’t even announce this stuff. Thanks for stopping by :).

  • Miriam Schwab

    It’s true. It’s good yourkeep your eyes on things to tell us when they do change something we might not have otherwise noticed. Have a nice week!