aimClear To Keynote SES Search & Social Accelerator, San Diego

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Tomorrow, February 9, the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo (SES) will convene for a one-day conclave in San Diego, the “SES Search and Social Accelerator.” From 9:00-9: 55AM, I’ll have the distinct privilege of delivering a keynote “Spotlight Session,” Optimizing Humans! The Art Of Data-Driven Social Marketing. The SES Accelerator is not an entry-level online marketing conference, so this is a particular pleasure. Programming is aimed squarely at more experienced advertising and marketing pros that have been part of our industry for 3 to 5 years and upward. This comes on the heals of my book release, “Killer Facebook Ads” (Wiley/Sybex 2011), and having presented a keynote address at MediaPost SearchInsider Summit in December. I’m excited to speak tomorrow, and even more amped about the subject matter. Read on for a preview.

Search PPC Is To SEO As Social PPC Is To Community Management
Most search marketers use inventory data from paid search platforms, as well as organic, to research and form SEO strategy. For instance, an SEO practitioner may use Google AdWords keyword tool (paid) in to identify keywords to target for organic page optimization. Paid research tools are essential because it’s the only place engines truly reveal granular search frequency. Engines must reveal the channel’s makeup, because they’re selling keywords to advertisers. SEOs also often run short burst PPC, in order to test conversion funnels, prior to deploying funnels organically. It’s reasonable, therefore, to say that PPC is often an important research and planning component of successful SEO campaigns.

Sharp SEO jocks also use organic tools. We look at analytics to see what keywords (those we can still see), drive traffic and how users behave post click. We also use search assist tools like Google suggestions to stem out synonyms, find geographic data, and other organic hacks.

Social is much the same to the savvy community manager, who uses both paid and organic social tools to research and set strategy. Paid inventory instruments, especially Facebook Ads “Create an Ad” tool, can be critical components of organic social campaign research and planning. Like search, social ad platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, must reveal the makeup of their community because they are in the business of selling targeted access to those demographic segments. If you really want to know the makeup of LinkedIn, head to the LinkedIn ad creation tool. Shrewd social media marketers understand this and look to paid inventory tools to understand a community’s makeup. Facebook’s sampling, over 850 million people globally, is so vast that it reveals as much about the general makeup of humanity as it does users on Facebook.

There are also terrific organic social tools that help marketers locate user clusters and conversations. Twitter advanced search is a great example, as is YouTube’s TestTube Comment search. Organic search can be a fantastic aid to social research. The classic “Site:” search operator is killer social research tool, which can be used to unearth deep multilingual social threads.

Data-Driven Outreach
Many community managers sit on the wall and wait for action to come to them. aimClear has been teaching clients for years to research and document where relevant conversations are taking place, and to join in. Such participation can often yield new friendships with potential brand evangelists, build community and (when appropriate) ultimately sales. We use paid and organic social inventory tools, as well as informed use of classic search tools to find these conversations. It is from these fundamentals that we’ve developed the concept of data-driven community outreach.

My keynote presentation will focus on immediately actionable paid and organic social tactics research and engagement tactics marketers can use for augmented demographic research and data-driven community outreach.

Attendees will:

  • Learn techniques for mapping search to social. Discover how to identify socially plugged-in authority users along classic lines of search conversion semantics history.
  • Explore organic and paid social mashup tactics to leverage the data.
  • Investigate data-driven friending tactics: Life & career altering perspective shifts regarding how community managers (and everyday people) can undertake programmatic outreach to connect with personal & business authority users and collect them as friends for fun and profit.
  • Probe killer social media paid tactics to target the “whole user” in social channels.
  • Consider new KPIs for measuring social media efforts, including “friend leads” and conversion.

I’m humbled and excited to speak to this group. I hope to see you there. If you miss this event, you’ll find me and/or my aimClear brethren speaking over the next couple of months at PubCon Paradise (Hawaii), SEMpdx SearchFest (Portland, OR), aimClear Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop (San Jose), SMX West, SES New York, SMX Sydney, PPC Hero Conference and eMetrics San Francisco, among others.  We hope to see you there!