IU basketball fans must be among the most engaged on earth. Just watch Twitter. Last week Indiana University’s Hoosier Nation was totally screaming, abuzz at IU’s stunning upset of (previously) #1 Kentucky.  I saw some retweets among my community that highlighted an incredible reality: These days sports fans don’t just yell at the players in the stadium or at their television sets. They yell at each other on Twitter, at the speed of rabid emotion!

I’m watching IU/Notre Dame game now. Literally, the Twitter stream has been moving at an incredible pace. At it’s height and during intense plays,  the tweets come at the rate of about 5 per second.  They are passionate, descriptive and provide a total play by play, second by second snapshot, including what the announcers are saying.

Just think of the people mining that is possible, surrounding college and professional sports. Wow! from now on when I watch television coverage of any sport, I’ll open TweetDeck to gain the incredible extra layer of insight available by crowdsourcing thousands of frenetic fans all over the world, including those in the stadium tweeting pictures. It’s a whole new experience.

For Twitter marketers, just THINK of the people mining available along themed lines of conversation.  For now, rock on IU. We’ll see you on New Years Eve because I’ve got tickets to the game at Assembly Hall, Bloomington, against Ohio State. Watch for my tweets.


  • Laura

    You finally understand! My Hoosiers rule!