Last Tuesday, the Internet was a-flutter over Google’s funky new logo— those crazy colorful dots moved wherever your mouse moved, resulting in wonder-struck smiles, bleary eyes and many a scratched head. Rumors as to the meaning behind the madness spawned and spread faster than retweets from a link posted by Alyssa Milano. Were the bugged-out balls Google’s way of celebrating its 12th birthday? Or  just another entertaining hack? An attempt to one-up Bing? Hat-tip to HTML 5 or CSS3? A not-so-subtle campaign for Chrome? No one knew for sure. But next day at San Francisco’s Museum Of Modern Art, Google hosted a special press conference where a new search feature was unveiled and instantly made waves around the world [wide web].

Less than a week old, Google Instant has already been analyzed, criticized and evangelized by authority sources & independent bloggers alike, much like the days following Facebook’s launch of Facebook Places. Some say Google Instant will follow in the footsteps of Wave and fizzle out within a few months. Other zealots swear this will be the prophetic death of SEO. Rather than theorize one way or the other, we decided to cull a list of 62 recently-published posts about Google Instant for your consumption. From press conference coverage to user field guides & tutorials, commentary on competitors & Google Instant’s affect on the long tail, read on for a complete link roundup.

The Launch of Google Instant


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Google Instant’s Impact (?) On SEO

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