Last October during a mundane office cleaning, the aimClear team happened upon an epically rad relic of the 80’s… a black & white  36×48 inch relic, to be more precise. Publication of  The Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Pictures gave new meaning to the tongue and cheek “PPC rockstar” and “Social Media rockstar” verbiage that had been lobbed at Marty in the past.

Sure, that luscious head of tousled black waves, deep, searching eyes and mysterious, pouting lips left tech lovers and respected industry experts gaping… but they also left us wondering… just what did Marty and The Shout! sound like?

We’re titillated to announce we’ve made another boss finding, so to speak… behold, the funkalicious glam rock that is the Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Video Footage.


  • Cas

    Love this! Catchy tune you’ve got there…

    • Marty Weintraub

      @Cas: Well thank you Cas. Since you’ve visited aimClear in Duluth, you’ve probably got more of a sense of the madness than most :). Thanks for stopping by.

  • Michael Martin


    Does this mean you will be changing your Twitter avatar at next week’s SES as you did the last with the rocker headshot? 🙂

  • Cas

    @Marty: I had a blast! You have such wonderful, inspiring madness.

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Michael Martin: I had not thought of changing my head shot…perhaps…perhaps :).

  • Joe Thornton

    Not sure which I like best, Marty – the cool spin moves or the keyboard hits with your elbows! I’ll be in Duluth Friday-Monday morning.

    • Marty Weintraub

      Hey Joe! I vote for the spin moves myself. Great to see you here old friend.

  • Michael

    For a semester in college I taught an outdoor school pottery class. 5th graders would come for a week and we would give them all “outdoor school names.” Teachers also selected names for themselves – I went with “Awesome Opossum”.

    Apparently Marty long ago chose the nickname “Plays with Elbows.” Good show.